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Althaf Hameed

Sri Lanka

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Andrew Walsh

Coach, CA & CEO
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Anthony Woodward

Managing Partner
BP Woodward & Associates
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Clint Allen

United States (US)
Landman / lubrication & Fuel Additive consultant
Sovereign Natural Resources and Primrose Oil Company
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David Turner

New Zealand

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Hikmat Chamma

Tax Accountant
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Ian Crates

Accredo Australia PTY Ltd
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Isami Morris

Project & Structured Finance
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Jeffrey Eakman

United States (US)

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United States (US)

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Leo Krikmann

The Sales Advisor
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Maria Toth


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Mark Jennings

Business Owner
Business Books South West
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  • Althaf Hameed

    To bring  your business success phase contact me I will try  give the best solution for you.


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  • Andrew Walsh

    Andrew can assist you with the following:

    • getting clarity over what you want from your career
    • career planning – setting goals, gap assessments & success maps
    • changing careers
    • employability & job applications
    • making a move into management or leadership
    • transition from employee to starting a business
    • Other areas
      • communication, presentation skills & camera work
      • personal brand & social media
      • finance and accounting profession
      • property industry

    If you want to accelerate your career, change direction or simply feel more confident Andrew is the coach for you.

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  • Anthony Woodward

    With over 30 years of accounting experience, including as a Managing Partner of a medium-to-mid tier firm, at a professional level I can provide guidance and advice on becoming an accountant, how to improve as an accountant and how to improve your accountancy practice.

    In addition with a considerable range of personal and professional experience, be it my own or from clients, family and friends I am able to assist you in to move forward and face your challenges that are with you today and in the future.


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  • Clint Allen

    I am a guy who has had more ups and downs in his life than a roller coaster! I can say this is a VERY true statement “if it doesnt kill you then keep on doing it” I believe that every person tries to make the best life possible for them selves but some just dont look at the whole picture or they give up and settle way to soon. I will show you and talk you through how to get through those days. I want everyone

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  • David Turner

    As a chartered accountant in public practice since 1991, I am uniquely positioned to assist with mentoring trainees to the final graduation ceremony. I am

    • a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ)
    • a registered mentor and approved training organisation with the former New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA)
    • a specialist in financial reporting and audit for over 26 years
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  • Hikmat Chamma



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  • Ian Crates

    I enable my customers to develop quick, agile, and innovative processes that have helped them lower costs, reduce risk, achieve objectives, expand operations, and evolve with ever-changing business requirements, industry trends, and market demand.
    To help you effectively and economically exploit the functionality embedded within your solutions, you can take advantage of the expert guidance offered through our consulting services.

    When you work with our me, you gain access to the knowledge that our experienced consultants continually develop through our customer-focusedexperts. Throughour network, our consultants leverage a broad range of advanced knowledge in developing and implementing both IT infrastructures and business solutions.

    I apply both this in-depth knowledge and our field-proven processes to help you implement your applications and solutions – all so that you can achieve your potential, accomplish your strategic objectives, and gain a competitive advantage by fully realizing the potential value that Terrafirma can generate.

    I have developed an extensive knowledge of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool that enables you to engage with millions of business people like yourself and build a solid and effective business network.

    Most people dont have the time or knowledge required to setup and make the most that LinkedIn has to offer. Let me help you with setting up your profile, company pages but most importantly getting you to engage with your potential clients.

    If you would like to know how to get more our of LinkedIn or take advantage of this fantastic tool, talk to me today!

    LinkedIn’s – Top 6 Most Powerful Features:
    ✔ Full Name Visibility
    ✔ Setting up you Profile
    ✔ Saved Search Updates
    ✔ Inviting Group Members
    ✔ Company Pages
    ✔ Company Size Filters

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  • Isami Morris

    Experienced project financier, corporate financier and investment professional with over 15 years experience gathered across a spectrum of banking, advisory, accountancy, work out and law, spanning a range of industries from social infrastructure to telecommunications, and a diversity of deal types from PE related M&A and LBOs to Project Finance across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

    Qualifications as a Chartered Accountant combined with years of experience as an auditor, operational risk manager, consultant and para-legal have provided an ability to assess the nuts and bolts of a company, project or transaction. Having experience in workout – both as a financier and advisor, has been beneficial in advising and structuring of new deals.

    I can help Mentees looking at getting a start in Project Finance.

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  • Jeffrey Eakman

    Have spent over 27 years mentoring others in many aspects of life. How to handle a check book. Up too maintaining an inventory of 25+ Million. With budget control for training, materials, personal pay and time off.


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    Ask and you will receive.

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  • Karim Ibrahim

    hello dears

    Honor to meet nice and new people to share knowledge together

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  • Leo Krikmann

    I am a mentor and coach to business people ranging from business leaders, business owners and staff. My focus is on helping you understand where you have natural talent and how best to use your strengths to be most productive and enjoy your work.

    My experience in sales and sales management can help you become more successful in attracting, growing and keeping customers in whatever business you operate in.

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  • Mark Jennings

    Hi. My name is Mark Jennings. I’m 37 and a small business owner since 2012, running a bookkeeping and business training business. Having started the business from scratch I can help with guiding you on your business journey. I also have a number of areas outside of work that I am involved in, largely community activities and events, and am happy to share with you my knowledge of how to run events to make yours run better. Knowledge shared is knowledge gained!

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