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Keshara Battage

Borelesgamuwa, Western, Sri Lanka

Assistant Manager Transfer Pricing
Ernst and Young
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Marvelous Silva

General Santos, South Cotabato, Philippines

College Instructor - Accountancy
Mindanao State University
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Uğur Erkan, CIA, CRMA.

Sarıyer, Istanbul, Turkey

Senior Managing Consultant
Savant Tax Services
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Ilia Shir

Haifa, Haifa, Israel

Electro Optical Department Manager
Blue Bird Aero Systems
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Eddie Bataller

Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines

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Robert Davis

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States (US)

Freelance Senior IT Audit Manager, Consultant, Author, and Speaker
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  • Keshara Battage

    Borelesgamuwa, Western, Sri Lanka

    I am an assistant manager, transfer pricing in Sri Lanka. I have over 6 years of experienece working in the accounting/finance industry. I would like to pass down my technical expertise as well as the soft skills I have learned over the years. I believe if I reach out and share my experience and in general help anyone who wants my help, then the world would be a better place. Also, I am the type of person who likes to tackle problems.

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  • Hilary Frazer

    ZURICH, Zurich, Switzerland

    An Organisation Development and HR Director bridging Life Sciences, Financial and Professional Services, Industry and Manufacturing, as well as Non-Profit.  Supporting and working with new business owners and experienced leaders to; set strategy and direction, design and develop organisations from start-up to scale-up, build skills and capability, enable high-performing teams and deliver projects during major transformation and change.  I’m inspired by exchanging experience as a mentor and motivated by knowing that I’ve been able to benefit others and help them to succeed in work and life!

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  • JC Quek

    Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

    I am a CEO/ Management Consultant/ CFO/ General Manager/ Vice President/ Project Manager/ Strategist.  A quick learner, understand circumstances in a very short time, transform with clarity, make wise decisions, work with frameworks.

    Groom numerous CEOs and top managers, executives, professional (lawyers, engineers, accountants, programmers).

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  • Gary Polglase

    Woy Woy, New South Wales, Australia

    Hi I’m Gary Polglase and I have over 30 years experience in Financial Services ranging from Lending Administration, Credit and Business Analysis, Compliance and being a Head of Credit. I look forward to passing on my knowledge and experience to interested mentees.

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  • Lisa New

    Karana Downs, Queensland, Australia
    I work with Technology Leaders and Individual, Group, Organisational and Governance Collaborators to solve global, local and individual problems in an ethical and just manner, with the support of the safe use of Smart AI, in a Web 4.0 Environment.
    The Thinking Web aims to act as an inter-operable Global Knowledge Graph with a secure Blockchain Backend in a Web 4.0 Environment for tempero-spacial-event-interpretation to collaboratively and with a minimisation of miscommunication, bias and prejudice reason about interconnected data and entities and its relationships. 
    Collaborators are enabled by a user-friendly Hierarchical Primitive Upper Ontology which is a Formal Language with associated Linguistic, Cognitive and Deep Learning Machine Learning Optimisation Algorithmic capacities, capable of supporting collaborators to optimally integrate, clean, quality assure and enhance Big Data to become quality knowledge to support collective wisdom creation, real-world decision support and application, and continuous improvement of one-stop-shop of inter-connected 'best practice' strategies, standards, protocols, resources, services, models, etc. for optimal problem solutions, as a transparent scientific, ethical and just consensus development process for accelerated innovation in a constructive process for the achievement of human rights and planetary sustainability. 
    In this approach collaborators are able to be rewarded and invested in in a fair and transparent manner for their input, as individuals, groups and institutions, scaled towards a majority consensus about 'good' skills, expertise, innovations, services, products, etc. The interconnected wisdom of the Platform with dynamic streaming and Safe AI use is expected to attract fees for licences, applications and services for local tailored utilisation to outsource high cost ineffective and inefficient internal communication, financial, research and development, organisational risk and resource management and marketing management systems for integration with state of the art AI decision support technology and access to tailored Global Wisdom. 
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    Cebu, Antique, Philippines

    Struggling with career, business and life decisions ?

    I can assist you with the following :

    • gaining clarity on your life purpose
    • identifying your core values, strengths, weaknesses, styles, work preferences
    • creating and aligning routines to your life purpose
    • setting goals and mapping your life road map
    • managing change
    • self-assessment, addressing gaps and increasing employability
    • productivity hacks – identifying tools and methods that would suit your style
    • unleashing your potential, discovering possibilities, creating value
    • Other areas
      • data storytelling
      • training and facilitation
      • process analysis




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  • Marvelous Silva

    General Santos, South Cotabato, Philippines

    I would like every mentee enjoy in my class. So, welcome to my class and let’s learn together  step by step. Take me as a good friend of yours and don’t hesitate to open yourself.

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  • Uğur Erkan, CIA, CRMA.

    Sarıyer, Istanbul, Turkey

    I have several years of  experience  in finance, accounting and audit. I had started my career at Ottoman Bank as Bank Inspector. After several years of experience in banking as inspector, branch internal controller and finally as Treasury Back Office  sub -manager.

    In 1994 I suddenly made a career switch to real sector with an early stage startup company in Istanbul, which is Turkish subsidiary of TRANE, an American listed public company, where I headed finance, accounting and administration for 11 years , at the beginning as Accountant and in the last 6 years as Country Financial Controller with a successful track record. At Trane Turkey. I acted as Deputy Country Leader as well as Finance Leader in liaison with expat country manager in the last  7 years. I am proud to say that I have established an institution there. Although major part of my Professional life was spent in Istanbul, after 2006, a couple of months I worked in Adana  Turkey and Bucharest on project basis.

    I recently worked as CFO and FCIB  Compliance Responsible at a Factoring  Company from June 2010 until April 2016 . I was also commissioned to oversee finance, accounting and financial control of 4 local and 2 USA Located companies in the group. I was directly reporting to Chairman of the Board in liaison with Group CEO.

    I also hold CIA  certification since 2009 and CRMA  certification since 2012. Currently, I am Management Consultant on Freelance. In 2016 , with RSM Turkey,  I successfully completed  ICR projects of two foreign banks in Turkey.

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  • Laurien Ukurikiyimfura

    Kigali, Kigali-ville, Rwanda
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  • Lori McCorkle

    Henderson, Nevada, United States (US)

    As your Mentor, I will be able to assist you in the areas of or surrounding Business Administration and help you succeed in all of  your future goals and dreams in your life.

    As I recent graduate from Warner Pacifc College in Portland,Oregon with my Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with emphasis on Leadership and Management.I bring all my years of business wisdom to the table when you are my mentee.

    I have many years of experience in various different business organizations, such as in the health services, customer service, casino and small business industries.

    I have been employed with these different business organizations in various stages throughout my life and my wealth of knowledge in all of these industries is “Proceless.”

    I am a very self- disciplined,motivated,and positive individual and my energy is around this is “contagious,’ when I am surrounded by others.

    I am a extremely positive motivator who can help and assist you in achieving your future goals and dreams.

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  • Ilia Shir

    Haifa, Haifa, Israel
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  • Paulo Pragana

    Algés, Lisboa, Portugal

    My name is Paulo Pragana and I am from Portugal. I am 48 years old and married with a son and daughter. More than happy to share more than 25 years of diverse executive experience in different industries, roles, geographies and business agendas acting in a context of high complexity prior, during and after the financial crisis.

    Hoping that my experience shall help several mentees who are now starting or consolidating their individual careers, especially for those who admire such a great company called General Electric, where I spent almost 19 years. 🙂

    Your’s faithfully



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  • Liz Benson

    INGLEWOOD, Western Australia, Australia

    I have had many years experience as a senior teacher/trainer over and above having extensive experience as an executive coach and mentor for emerging managers and leaders. I have over 35 years business and management experience in the private, public and not for profit sectors.  My expertise is in strategic and operational planning, training, coaching, financial management, audit, business administration, governance and risk management, corporate services, and analytical skills have helped to ensure business success for many organisations and numerous individuals.

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  • Nyasha Muvirimi

    Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

    I have over 17 years of work experience as a consultant and auditor. I understand what it’s like to feel stuck in a career and how to reinvent and pick yourself up to scale greater heights and feel fulfilled (well for a while before you need to reinvent and repeat the process). Have worked for great entrepreneurs who embark on projects with just a vision and guts, only to realise their multi-million dollar projects a few years later.  I provide advisory  services to public utilities and government departments across Africa and have worked on PPPs – so happy to provide tips to those in those sectors.

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  • Eddie Bataller

    Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines

    You can ask anything regarding Accounting and Internal Auditing we always give the best service to our clients as a mentor we keep our loyalty and professionalism to our work.

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  • Robert Davis

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States (US)

    Dr. Robert E. Davis, CISA, CICA is a senior audit manager/consultant, a freelance author as well as a university-level professor. His unique qualifications encompass over thirty years of internal control practice and scholarship experience. Dr. Davis has provided data security consulting and information systems auditing services to a highly regarded government agency and corporations of various employee sizes. His past teaching experience includes positions with Temple University, in the Master of Science in IT Auditing and Cyber-Security program, and the undergraduate programs at Bryant & Stratton College and Cheyney University. He has also served as a Temple University Master of Science in IT Auditing and Cyber-Security Advisory Councilmen and CISA in Residence.

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