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Anthony Woodward

Managing Partner
BP Woodward & Associates
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Chris Miller

United Kingdom (UK)
CEO, Board Advisor, Business Mentor, and Business Developer
Miller Insights Limited
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David Orren

United Kingdom (UK)
Prectice Director TVBA Technology Business Growth Practice
Thames Valley Business Advisors Ltd
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Etienne Brodeur

Senior Director, Global Compensation
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Heather Sorensen

New Zealand

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Jeremy McCauley

United States (US)
Chief of Operations
Bio-tech Pharmacal
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Justin Neway

United States (US)

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Kalinga Bandara

Sri Lanka

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Kelly Matczak

United States (US)

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Leon Malan

South Africa
Jabez Holdings
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Loubna Hanna

United States (US)

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Mark Jennings

Business Owner
Business Books South West
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Michael Flittie

United States (US)

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Miroslav Michalek

CEO, Owner
HW Group
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  • Anthony Woodward

    With over 30 years of accounting experience, including as a Managing Partner of a medium-to-mid tier firm, at a professional level I can provide guidance and advice on becoming an accountant, how to improve as an accountant and how to improve your accountancy practice.

    In addition with a considerable range of personal and professional experience, be it my own or from clients, family and friends I am able to assist you in to move forward and face your challenges that are with you today and in the future.


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  • Chao Hwei Chen

    You should find your life and enjoy your life no matter how successful you are. Find yourself and know yourself so you know where you are… Business, family, … all issues are come from your decision. Let’s start with what you are.

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  • Chris Miller

    With 23 years of senior management roles in technology companies across the UK and all of EMEA, my experience covers all areas of Business Development associated with any software or IT services company.  I held Executive roles in large companies such as Dell (4 years) and CA Technologies (13 years).  I took on the CEO role of a privately held Managed Hosting company and achieved the exit for its shareholders to Private Equity.  For more details, see


    Are you a leader who wants to make a serious difference?

    I am focused on helping senior and aspiring leaders achieve significant improvements in personal impact and effectiveness. I believe that there are four key areas to focus on that together will enable you to expand your own perspectives, enable greater strategic clarity, better decision making, and more impactful execution: Active Understanding, Clear Goals, Personal Ownership, and Personal Brand Management.

    Active Understanding

    Moving into a new demanding role? Experiencing conflict in the workplace? Working hard yet it seems almost impossible to make any progress? Feel overwhelmed by the decisions you need to make? Lack confidence to change your strategy and go for growth? I start by understanding your personal situation and remain actively understanding throughout the mentoring engagement.

    Clear Goals

    A clear vision is built upon clear and actionable goals. I encourage a mix of small and large steps in order to achieve your full potential. Goal setting is an art, not a science. To achieve the biggest goals will require breaking them down into smaller parts. Throughout the mentoring engagement, clear goals are set, measured and reviewed during every mentoring session.

    Personal Ownership

    Mentoring empowers you to think strategically, and gives you the confidence to take control.  During each mentoring session, you have the space to work on understanding yourself, what you want, and what you might personally improve to be even more effective. Each session results in you creating and owning your personal action plan. Being mentored results in you doing the “heavy lifting,” and so personal ownership remains yours throughout the engagement.

    Personal Brand Management

    I can help you get on track and look good inside your business. I provide ideas and methods to reinforce your personal brand inside your company. In addition, I will regularly encourage you in different ways to improve your personal brand externally too – including techniques through social media engagements, personal development opportunities, and broader active networking engagements that strengthen your personal brand.

    What people are saying about Mentoring with Chris Miller

    “As a first time CEO, the support is invaluable. My mentor understands the challenges that CEO’s face and provides wisdom based on his experience and knowledge. The relationship gives me a structure to deal with a myriad of things, and helps me deal with difficult situations more effectively.” Julie F, CEO, UK Charity 

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  • David Orren

    David Orren enables technology solution providers to grow at more than 20% pa by working with CEOs and executive teams to focus on the few things that really matter. With a keen understanding of winning adoption for disruptive innovation in early markets, David works with clients to co-develop practical route-to-market strategies that make best use of existing strengths and unique capabilities. He helps executives make better decisions more quickly and more confidently, and to successfully navigate market, financial and organisational risk to build market traction and sustainable growth. David believes that an open leadership culture can bring significant performance benefits to an organisation. As a coach, David challenges executives to empower leadership behaviour beyond the senior team, reducing barriers to innovation and redrawing boundaries to what can be achieved. David’s approach is solution-oriented, working with executives to engage the organisation’s unique resources and capabilities to set higher goals, navigate obstacles, and exploit available opportunities. Through a wide-ranging international career, David has led companies with revenues over US$300M pa, and employing over 3,000 people. He has developed markets, partners and supply chains across multiple cultures and countries. David has led innovation businesses and coached business leaders supplying into a variety of markets including financial services, health, energy, media, telecoms, aerospace/defence, food, manufacturing, retail, distribution/logistics, and professional services. David cofounded WiredCapital in Silicon Valley, winning market leadership within 4 years. His early career (Chartered Engineer) in manufacturing automation at Ford Motor Company led David to study computing, and then to digital leadership roles at Thorn EMI. David joined Dun & Bradstreet Software where he won top sales awards selling million-pound enterprise software/change management solutions to FTSE 100 C level executives. He went on to lead rapid growth and turnaround of the Pacific Rim region (based in Singapore) winning the Dun & Bradstreet Leadership Award for Top Performing Division. David was later recruited to lead Platinum Software in Asia, then returning to the UK as Managing Director UK, Europe, Middle East & Africa, when Platinum merged into Epicor. David is now Chairman of Thames Valley Business Advisors, Director of TVBA’s Technology Business Growth Practice, Member of the Association for Coaching, and the International Coach Federation. David gained his Engineering degree in the UK, MBA in USA, and he trained as a Business Coach in London. David speaks English, Spanish and French, and he is now based in the Thames Valley where he works with executive teams to grow high-potential innovation businesses.

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  • Etienne Brodeur

    Now a retired person who first spent 25 years as a pension consultant, 15 years as a partner, with Towers Perrin (now Willis Towers Watson) and then spent 16 years as a Global Compensation specialist at Bombardier, being responsible for executive compensation, pension plans, benefits and international mobility, at the head of Bombardier or Bombardier Aerospace or Bombardier Transportation (five years in Berlin, Germany)

    I have had the opportunity to coach a number of persons internally over the years and it has been mutually positive in a number of situations. I enjoy and believe in the transfer of experience to help the young generation figure out what best to do.

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  • Heather Sorensen

    I will help you to take away the stress that you may be feeling about whatever it is that is ahead of you – change, planning, events whether on a personal, business, group or organisation basis. I am friendly, relaxed and ready and available to help and support you to success.

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  • Jeremy McCauley

    If you are stuck and are looking for direction, I will be able to help.  I’ve counselled people on a personal and professional level for many years and am fortunate to have had success.  I’m more interested in your getting your strategy and direction in place than whatever fee is involved.

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  • John McMorrow

    John is a passionate and well respected business professional who devotes his time across a variety of industries. His vision includes successfully guiding organisations to increase their productivity, performance and profit by developing the abilities of key people in leadership and management roles. He provides Training and Development solutions at all levels in an organisation from strategy to frontline. He can also provide Human Resource optimisation and organisational assessment tools.  John is also a Mentor to all levels in an organisation.

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  • Justin Neway

    Justin has over 35 post-Ph.D. years of experience in biotechnology and pharmaceutical process development, manufacturing, and quality, and in development, application, marketing, and sales of software solutions to address operational issues and quality compliance in the global biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.  He has held several executive and management roles with responsibility for large and small teams in research and development labs and production plants, and in software product management, product development, and product marketing and sales.  During the span of his career, he has participated as Principal Scientist in two IPO’s (Genetics Institute in 1986, and Somatogen in 1991), and as Founder in the transaction that resulted in the sale of Aegis Analytical Corporation to Accelrys in 2012 and its subsequent integration into Dassault Système’s BIOVIA brand.

    As founder of Aegis Analytical Corporation in 1997, Justin was responsible for conceiving the initial product concept and requirements for the Discoverant software system, and had the leading role in securing $25 million of venture funding, as well as the first product sales, industry partnerships, staffing, management, customers, scientific advisers, product suite names, trademarks and patents. His other roles at Aegis were as the primary conduit for information flow between the FDA, Aegis and the industry to guide the company’s product vision and market strategy; initiating lead development to opportunity stage and supporting sales efforts for closing $75 million of total business with Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies; making presentations to bring Aegis and its offerings to the attention of decision-makers and influencers in prospective customer companies, professional groups, industry organizations, and regulatory bodies; and supporting the penetration of Aegis’ offerings into new markets and territories. Aegis was acquired by Accelrys, Inc. in October of 2012 for $30M, and Accelrys was then acquired by Dassault Systèmes for $750M to become the BIOVIA brand in April of 2014.

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  • Kalinga Bandara

    Political & Business

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  • Kelly Matczak

    I’m excited to help YOU get in the right direction!

    My name is Kelly Matczak and I am the owner of Eagle Point East.

    I can help you approach problem solving in a new light:

    • relationships

    • careers

    • gain clarity and focus

    • improve decision making

    • overcome fears

    • creative strategies for specific goals

    • get out of your rut

    • mentoring

    • leadership

    • improve communications

    • find direction

    • remove roadblocks

    • build confidence


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  • Leon Malan

    I am a very relaxed, yet focused and intense person.

    I listen carefully and analyse a situation before making a decision on the situation,and what is required as a solution.

    I am available for discussion on many topics and enjoy a diverse conversation.

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  • Loubna Hanna

    I am a passionate educator with more than 20 years experience in the academic and consultancy worlds. I was educated in three continents and have taught in 2. I spent the last 15 years teaching in some of the top universities/programs in the U.S. I specialize in communication, international development/ relations, and human rights include gender and youth.

    I have a rich/broad experience in mentoring the young to transition from high school to college, and from college to their first jobs. Because of my multilingual and multicultural background, I have supported students in adjusting their skills to their interests and the interests of the market. I have also helped young people make education and career choices, provided support during application processes and most importantly built their confidence to deploy their strengths and assets to achieve their goals.

    Because I’m a deep believer in gender justice and equal opportunity for all, I am very supportive of the young in their diversity and differences. I take great satisfaction in guiding the young generation towards achieving their best and I rejoice in their successes. Mentors have played a key role in my own professional accomplishments. I seek to provide the best mentorship I’m capable of.

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  • Mark Jennings

    Hi. My name is Mark Jennings. I’m 37 and a small business owner since 2012, running a bookkeeping and business training business. Having started the business from scratch I can help with guiding you on your business journey. I also have a number of areas outside of work that I am involved in, largely community activities and events, and am happy to share with you my knowledge of how to run events to make yours run better. Knowledge shared is knowledge gained!

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  • Michael Flittie

    Consumer packaged goods executive with proven track record integrating functional departments and operatingdivisions to enable organizational growth.

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  • Miroslav Michalek

    Possitive person focused to achieve top goals, success and build international relationships. I love to help other be strong and success person.

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