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Akey Hirano

moon voice project
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Carly Evans

Transformational Life Coach
Coach Carly
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Jane Metcalf


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Neil Jeyasingam Bsc(Med), MBBS, MBus (Health Admin), MPsych, FRANZCP, Cert (FPOA)

Old Age Psychiatrist, Academic
NSW Health, Sydney University, Western Sydney University, Profectus Psychiatry
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sarb khatra

United States (US)
Quality Manager
National Oilwell Varco
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Tua’au Kereti Mata’utia, Jr.

American Samoa
Government Law Clerk other, Business Consultant
American Samoa Government other, Private Business Consultant
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Vishal Agarwal

Application Developer
IBM India Pvt Limited
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  • Akey Hirano

    Experienced 7 companies including overseas’ spent 6 years as a representative director of two companies. I hope my advice based on my experience would help you go forward.

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  • Carly Evans

    I love to mentor others along their own journey of change and trauma, as well as in running a business. I believe a business only thrives to the extent that you do, and in order to thrive we need to release what’s holding us back on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. I can help you to do that so you can thrive.


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  • Jane Metcalf

    I am a passionate and energetic person who loves to help people and see other people succeed. I thrive on giving my all to any project and enjoy the journey as much as the end result. I like being challenged with new projects and watching my hard work unfold. I have excellent time management and organization skills, I am a positive person and accept any road blocks or hiccups as a test and something to overcome. I have had much life experience, some brilliantly unforgettable  and some so traumatic I wonder how I got through, but I did and here I am, still alive and kicking, my sense of humour still intact and ready for anything else life chooses to throw at me.

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  • Neil Jeyasingam Bsc(Med), MBBS, MBus (Health Admin), MPsych, FRANZCP, Cert (FPOA)

    If you’re a doctor, my credentials are clear and I can assist with planning future career paths and work/life balance issues. Sadly I’ve looked after many doctors professionally, and would prefer to assist doctors on a mentorship basis before psychosocial issues become mental health issues.

    If you’re not a doctor, I’d probably be most useful to you if you’re a little bit older, having tried a few things, and wanting to take stock of what you’ve accomplished and what else lies in store for you.

    My knowledge base is in several eclectic domains, but the fundamental unifying basis is listening. I’ll do my best to listen to what you need, and help you to hear it too. Within a mentoring paradigm I would not be your psychiatrist, but will work with the aim that both of us come away from the experience having learned something.

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  • Tua’au Kereti Mata’utia, Jr.

    I am Tua’au Kereti Mata’utia, Jr., and I have over 20 years of consultant, administrator, college instructor and facilitator experience and expertise in general business disciplines, as well as effective research and writing policy skills.

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  • Vishal Agarwal

    Er. Vishal Agarwal is still a Junior member in the field of IT industry but has package of diversifying knowledge in the field of Research, Education and job industry.He consider these fields as 3 pegs with n disks of varied works where the solution & time complexity is same as the problem of TOWERs of HANAOI. Making the exponential time complexity to much simpler & best case, Mentees can reach to him.

    He could share his knowledge on all the above fields:

    Under his Research section, 2 papers has been already been published: – Paper1: “m-GeoEduNet: Mobile SDI Model for Education Information Infrastructure Network”   & Paper 2: Optimal control study in DFIG based wind energy conversion system using PI & GA.

    If one go to his Educational field experience, He has a teaching experience of 1 year in fields of Algebric Mathematics and OOPs programming language.

    In terms of IT industry, he is continuing his Job as an Associate system engineer at IBM India Pvt Limited.

    Now he wants to deliver his understanding, the way to approach things, Path of life so that the Mentees can decide where he/she wants to go. He can be the proven expert in guiding Mentees to achieve their aim/goals.

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