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Abdelrahman Salama


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Andrew Minkovitz

United States (US)

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Andrew Walsh

Coach, CA & CEO
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Angel Rodriguez

Senior Consultant
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Angelo Estaniel

College Instructor
Notre Dame of Marbel University
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Arjun Chokshi

United States (US)

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Barbra Mckay

Production Manager
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Chris Miller

United Kingdom (UK)
CEO, Board Advisor, Business Mentor, and Business Developer
Miller Insights Limited
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Claude Brown

United States (US)
Certified Occupational Safety Manager
Self Employed Consultant
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David Huijbers

Management Trainer / Consultant
Education Cloud
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Faisal Khan

United Kingdom (UK)

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George Jucan

Organizational Performance Enablers Network
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Gillian Haston

United Kingdom (UK)

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Papua New Guinea

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Jamie Morse MA

Campaign Communications Manager
BAE Systems Australia
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  • Abdelrahman Salama

    Thanks to Allah, I am a TKT and TEFL qualified English language teacher with more than five years of ELT experience. I can help you develop yourself and find your hidden skills and talents.

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  • Andrew Minkovitz

    My name is Andrew Minkovitz and I am currently a consultant in New York City, working in transfer pricing for a Big 4 firm. I graduated in 2017 from Georgetown University, where I studied international politics and international business in the School of Foreign Service. Having recently completed both the college and job search processes, I believe I can help provide a different prospective for those looking to study in the states or begin a professional career. Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to engage in a number of internships and work in both the public and private sectors in the U.S. Among my experiences were positions in think tanks, strategic consulting firms, government initiatives, concert and event planning, and tennis instruction. I am here to provide any guidance and coaching needed!

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  • Andrew Walsh

    Andrew can assist you with the following:

    • getting clarity over what you want from your career
    • career planning – setting goals, gap assessments & success maps
    • changing careers
    • employability & job applications
    • making a move into management or leadership
    • transition from employee to starting a business
    • Other areas
      • communication, presentation skills & camera work
      • personal brand & social media
      • finance and accounting profession
      • property industry

    If you want to accelerate your career, change direction or simply feel more confident Andrew is the coach for you.

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  • Angel Rodriguez

    MY MAIN GOAL IS: Find your mental peace in order to help you grow better and stronger. Then let's concentrate in business. I can help you with both.

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  • Arjun Chokshi

    Hello Mentees! Please read my bio above and connect! It will be a rewarding experience for both of us.

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  • Barbra Mckay

    I’ve been lucky enough to work in the Australian TV industry for over 15 years now and worked in a range of various sectors and roles within in it.

    I’d love to be your Mentor and share my career tips to help you reach your own career goals.

    I can offer advice on setting and re-evaluating professional goals, changing industries and the steps you need to take to get into the industry.

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  • Chris Miller

    With 23 years of senior management roles in technology companies across the UK and all of EMEA, my experience covers all areas of Business Development associated with any software or IT services company.  I held Executive roles in large companies such as Dell (4 years) and CA Technologies (13 years).  I took on the CEO role of a privately held Managed Hosting company and achieved the exit for its shareholders to Private Equity.  For more details, see


    Are you a leader who wants to make a serious difference?

    I am focused on helping senior and aspiring leaders achieve significant improvements in personal impact and effectiveness. I believe that there are four key areas to focus on that together will enable you to expand your own perspectives, enable greater strategic clarity, better decision making, and more impactful execution: Active Understanding, Clear Goals, Personal Ownership, and Personal Brand Management.

    Active Understanding

    Moving into a new demanding role? Experiencing conflict in the workplace? Working hard yet it seems almost impossible to make any progress? Feel overwhelmed by the decisions you need to make? Lack confidence to change your strategy and go for growth? I start by understanding your personal situation and remain actively understanding throughout the mentoring engagement.

    Clear Goals

    A clear vision is built upon clear and actionable goals. I encourage a mix of small and large steps in order to achieve your full potential. Goal setting is an art, not a science. To achieve the biggest goals will require breaking them down into smaller parts. Throughout the mentoring engagement, clear goals are set, measured and reviewed during every mentoring session.

    Personal Ownership

    Mentoring empowers you to think strategically, and gives you the confidence to take control.  During each mentoring session, you have the space to work on understanding yourself, what you want, and what you might personally improve to be even more effective. Each session results in you creating and owning your personal action plan. Being mentored results in you doing the “heavy lifting,” and so personal ownership remains yours throughout the engagement.

    Personal Brand Management

    I can help you get on track and look good inside your business. I provide ideas and methods to reinforce your personal brand inside your company. In addition, I will regularly encourage you in different ways to improve your personal brand externally too – including techniques through social media engagements, personal development opportunities, and broader active networking engagements that strengthen your personal brand.

    What people are saying about Mentoring with Chris Miller

    “As a first time CEO, the support is invaluable. My mentor understands the challenges that CEO’s face and provides wisdom based on his experience and knowledge. The relationship gives me a structure to deal with a myriad of things, and helps me deal with difficult situations more effectively.” Julie F, CEO, UK Charity 

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  • Claude Brown

    -Open your KJV and become OBEDIENT, PRAY for REVELATIONS and UNDERSTANDING of GOD and it will become your “LIVING WORD OF GOD” 

    Experiences in many different industries and walks of life, I am a lover of life and sharing my experiences in my professional career and the stories of lessons learned along the way are truly a pleasure. I have a medical and legal research background with US ARMY military adventures that have things even more interesting. I have always been a leader and can absolutely help to lead younger less experienced Safety people in the right direction to have an awesome career and life experience.

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  • David Huijbers

    Me: calm, understanding, listening, curious, finding your leading motive, going in depth, serious, focussed. Setting goals, overcoming fears.

    Important: family relations, experiences, relationships, career. Dreams and having them come out.

    I’ve coached managers and students and helped them further in their path to their ideal situation or even dreams. In retail business, sales, hospitality, elderly care and many others.

    I moved from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to Bangkok with my partner to continue my training and coaching career here.

    The intake is around 30 minutes and is free of charge. I will be working with Skype, FaceTime or other visual contact techniques.

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  • Faisal Khan

    Accredited Program/Project/PMO manager with approx. 14+ years’ experience of managing and leading a variety of programs/projects and PMO offices. Key experience in PMO set-up, change and management and devising and embedding tailored project management methodologies. Experience in managing a variety of stakeholders up to board level.

    Strong knowledge of PMO set-up, change, processes and management
    Good experience of program/project management delivery and support
    Highly effective at building relationships, solution focused, rapid learner with a consultancy approach
    Strong ability to adapt rapidly to different cultures, organisations, subject matters and project environments

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  • Frede Bech Pedersen

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  • George Jucan

    Several years ago I heard a sentence that instantly summarized my entire career: “your legacy is not what you have accomplished in your life, but what others have accomplished because you were a part of their life!”

    I’m not an academic, but for over 20 years I’ve been teaching, training, coaching and mentoring other professionals, in parallel to doing “real work” myself. As a consultant I’ve been in hundreds of environments and seen thousands of issues – so whatever you’re facing, however unique it may seem,  it’s very likely I’ve dealt with it (or something similar) already so together we can find  the perfect solution for you!

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  • Gillian Haston

    I am a qualified NLP coach and hypnotherapist with a huge interest and experience in health and wellbeing. I also have many years experience in human resource management and am experienced at dispute resolution, change management, organisational development and training development delivery.

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    I’m happy to talk and also listen to anyone fresh out of uni or 2-3 years on a job and feel like you need a shift gears i.e. find a job that is not just about the money but makes you feel satisfied at the end of each day. I’m also happy to give career advice on technical issues (if the issues are something I’m familiar with). Lastly, at one point in my life I have sent out about 50 plus job applications within a period of 6 months before landing a job which took me to where i am now, so I have a good idea on CV writing and what not to do when submitting an application.

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  • Jamie Morse MA

    Throughout my career I have most enjoyed helping staff achieve their professional development goals under my management. To support this I have developed and retained tools and training modules that have helped move staff under my management to more senior levels.

    Since returning to Australia in 2015 I have mentored members of the Australian Public Relations Institute of Australia and have a 100% success rate against mentee objectives, helping them to move up/ on in their current careers.

    My approach to mentoring is to work with mentees to identify SMART goals and before mapping out a course of action that will help them achieve the results/ change they are looking for. My expectations for mentees who find me through MentorSelect is that we will co-create a roadmap which we will work through in partnership over the 6 or 12 week course.

    Mentees who are interested in working with me are encouraged to review my LinkedIn Profile.

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