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Alicia Willis Tunby

United States (US)
Small Business Owner
East Coast Custom TV
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Amanda Fry


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Andrew Pantelides

Marketing and Retail Industry Leader
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Cecile Fery

Customer Research Manager
Coles Australia
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Chris Pennisi

Sales Director
Western Sydney Publishing Group
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Clint Allen

United States (US)
Landman / lubrication & Fuel Additive consultant
Sovereign Natural Resources and Primrose Oil Company
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Gabriel Ascanio

United States (US)
Wing It
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Greg Hodson

United States (US)

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Jamie Morse MA

Campaign Communications Manager
BAE Systems Australia
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United States (US)

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Kelly Matczak

United States (US)

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kevin long

United Kingdom (UK)

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Mark Schroeder


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Mike O’Neil – Executive Coaching Program

United States (US)
CEO, Founder
Integrated Alliances
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  • Alicia Willis Tunby

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  • Amanda Fry

    Through creative campaigns, hard work and solid long term media connections Amanda has applied her strategic planning skills to some of the biggest global brands and names in the PR industry. She is now channelling that experience into her own dream –  Wildfest Southern Highlands.

    Throughout her entire career she has always had a personal love of travel having trekked half the globe. Her work has extended to international media junkets promoting organisations in Kenya, Rwanda, Morocco, Spain, England, Vietnam and Canada so its a natural extension to create a fresh, innovative travel product here in Australia as part of the next evolution of her career.

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  • Andrew Pantelides

    • Develop your 90 day strategy and deliver it in 60 days.
    • Get connected with industry professional that will have a direct impact on your goals.
    • Get published and get known.
    • Real results with achievable goals.
    • Build your personal brand.
    • Get to better understand your real purpose and create real goals of substance.


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  • Cecile Fery

    I’m a senior marketer with 15 years corporate experience and also a qualified coach. I have gained lots of insights throughout my various roles across multiple industries so I can mentor you to get the job that you want or to even start with finding out what it is. As a coach, I am very down-to-earth, friendly and generous with my advice because I care about helping people. I am offering you my strengths in strategic thinking, judgment, honesty and focus to grow your career. As a person, I am a direct communicator, who loves to share what I’ve learnt. If this resonates with you, feel free to contact me.

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  • Clint Allen

    I am a guy who has had more ups and downs in his life than a roller coaster! I can say this is a VERY true statement “if it doesnt kill you then keep on doing it” I believe that every person tries to make the best life possible for them selves but some just dont look at the whole picture or they give up and settle way to soon. I will show you and talk you through how to get through those days. I want everyone

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  • Gabriel Ascanio

    I am an Interaction Designer with a background in Architecture and Urbanism. If you are looking to transition from one field to another I am more than happy to share with you how I did it. I have learned that what you study isn’t necessarily what you will end up doing and often it is the sum of your experiences which will dictate what you are most passionate about and what you should be doing.

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  • Greg Hodson

    I’m a 35 year veteran of broadcast television production, management, and consulting and have worked for Network affiliates, major syndicators, Cable Networks, production companies, and have produced scores of independent production projects.

    My success is centered on story-telling; creating the best commercial, short-form or long-form content that activates a direct-response. I’m an expert who finds the emotional triggers, the tipping-points, specific benefits that create winning spots, programs, and campaign

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  • Jamie Morse MA

    Throughout my career I have most enjoyed helping staff achieve their professional development goals under my management. To support this I have developed and retained tools and training modules that have helped move staff under my management to more senior levels.

    Since returning to Australia in 2015 I have mentored members of the Australian Public Relations Institute of Australia and have a 100% success rate against mentee objectives, helping them to move up/ on in their current careers.

    My approach to mentoring is to work with mentees to identify SMART goals and before mapping out a course of action that will help them achieve the results/ change they are looking for. My expectations for mentees who find me through MentorSelect is that we will co-create a roadmap which we will work through in partnership over the 6 or 12 week course.

    Mentees who are interested in working with me are encouraged to review my LinkedIn Profile.

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  • Jonathan Sweet

    An Olympian with an MBA and 13+ years of professional experience in sales and marketing in high performance roles.

    Jonathan has extensive experience in building and executing large sales, marketing and communications projects and programs of work that promote strong business-to-business relationships, engage consumers and uncover opportunities for substantial business growth with proven return on investment.

    He has a strong leadership background from Sales to General Management and can off advice on a number of areas and these include;

    • Building a personal profile
    • Career planning, coaching and strategic development
    • Getting a step up in role
    • Salary negotiation
    • Marketing Strategy, Integrated Communications, Social Media Management, Brand Management, Event Management, Market Analytics & Research
    • Project Management
    • Corporate Communications, Stakeholder Engagement, Investor Relations, CSR Strategy & Reporting
    • Business Development Strategy


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    Ask and you will receive.

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  • Kelly Matczak

    I’m excited to help YOU get in the right direction!

    My name is Kelly Matczak and I am the owner of Eagle Point East.

    I can help you approach problem solving in a new light:

    • relationships

    • careers

    • gain clarity and focus

    • improve decision making

    • overcome fears

    • creative strategies for specific goals

    • get out of your rut

    • mentoring

    • leadership

    • improve communications

    • find direction

    • remove roadblocks

    • build confidence


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  • kevin long

    We have helped over 240 unpublished writers become #1 bestselling authors.

    We have mentored authors on building a brand around their book and coached then to 6-7 figure businesses.

    I talk all over the world at marketing events on the authority that becoming a published author can give you.

    We help build a business based on a proven blueprint that’s been put together over the last 9 years.

    We coach you how to write a book and then take advantage of marketing strategies that will give you a residual income for life.


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  • Mark Schroeder

    Creative and Strategy

    Over 20+ year experience, strong focus on retail.

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  • Mike O’Neil – Executive Coaching Program

    LinkedIn is the #1 social media platform for B2B sales and marketing. Capabilities have exploded, new limitations were introduced, account types have changed and users are as confused as ever.

    Integrated Alliances founder Mike O’Neil helps entrepreneurs, business owners and executives cut through the LinkedIn clutter. In general, it’s a 60 day LinkedIn coaching program that delivers up to date strategies for profiles, network building, searching and engaging key targets.

    It pulls from a long list of topics, optimizes your business on LinkedIn and looks at the rest of the team. Mike delivers these intimate 1-on-1 sessions using Skype, desktop video and

    For most, the program gets you fully prepared for sophisticated LinkedIn Messaging and Marketing Campaigns – DIY, using an assistant or using an outside vendor like Integrated Alliances.

    Successful campaigns require you to fully understand your target market and how basic LinkedIn campaigns operate, even if they are actually operated by others.

    LinkedIn Topics Covered (all)

    • LinkedIn account signup – Sales Navigator
    • Settings for and Sales Navigator
    • Profile optimization for the new 2017 environment
    • Find and join useful LinkedIn groups
    • Training on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator Lead Builder searches
    • Training on how to build your LinkedIn network
      • People you already know
      • New people from searches and lists
    • Manage your LinkedIn and Sales Navigator Inboxes
    • Pre-call research and post-call follow-up techniques
    • LinkedIn graphics updates
      • Header, background and headshot images
      • LinkedIn profiles, company pages, posts
    • A manageable LinkedIn routine for you

    LinkedIn Marketing (some)

    • LinkedIn company page assessment, management
    • Creating content for use on LinkedIn (some)
    • Distributing content on LinkedIn (some)
    • LinkedIn status updates and LinkedIn publishing (some)

    LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaigns (some)

    • Planning LinkedIn invitation campaigns
    • Targeting specific user types on Sales Navigator
    • Creating great messages for campaigns
    • Managing LinkedIn campaigns using tools
    • Working with an assistant, outside vendor
    • On-going campaign planning

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Generation (all)

    • Lead Builder Lead Recommendations
    • Suggested leads from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator
    • Similar companies, similar people
    • Hunting and farming techniques


    Social Media Graphics (some)

    • Header, background and head shot images
      • Besides LinkedIn (profiles, company pages, posts)
      • Facebook, Twitter, others
    • Graphics for Web sites, blogs, posts

    Online Business Tools (some)

    • CRM social media assessment
    • Using scheduling tools like Calendly
    • Using domain names to simplify links like

    Expanded Social Media (some)

    • Mixing LinkedIn with Twitter, Facebook, Blog, others
    • Twitter assessment and update
    • Facebook assessment and update
    • Blog assessment and advisement

    Events (some)

    • Event marketing using LinkedIn, social media
    • Using Event registration platforms like EventBrite
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