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Dorothy May Craigie Ricetti

Boyup Brook, Western Australia, Australia

Retired | Ex Partner | Ex Proprietor
Ricetti Bros | Girrahween Grazing Co
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Brooke Moran

Gunnison, Colorado, United States (US)

Professor, Executive Leadership and Organizational Sustainability Consultant
EnCompass Sustainability (website forthcoming), Western State Colorado University
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Mark Elder

Summer Hill, New South Wales, Australia

Creative Director/Writer/Communications
Self Employed
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Joseph Echano

Blackburn, Victoria, Australia

Theologian | Web Designer & Editor | Photographer
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  • Mel Aurino

    Warrawong, New South Wales, Australia

    I’m a Career Coach & Resume writer at My Career Consultants.

    With the completion of a Diploma in Life Coaching, 10 years experience in HR duties & my passion for helping people overcome challenges, I work one on one with individuals to help them achieve their career/life goals. I do this by actively listening, asking insightful questions and challenging beliefs and values to help guide you through the path that is right for you.

    For more about me, please see my professional profile by clicking the following link Mel Aurino Professional Profile

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  • Arfa Iqbal

    Kolkata, West Bengal, India

    You get to know yourself for a better you.Self growth is very important rather than material growth for self satisfaction

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  • Tinashe Zvakasikwa

    Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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  • Jennifer E. Sigler, Ph.D.

    Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, United States (US)

    I help people make career decisions so that they can find fulfillment at work. If you’re just embarking on your career, or making a career transition, I’ll be happy to help you overcome the fear and anxiety that usually accompany those stages in life, and give you direction on how to equip yourself for the exciting career journey ahead of you. 🙂

    If you already know what you want to do, I’m happy to help with job searches, resume and cover letter writing, and interview preparation. As an L&D professional, I can also assist in the development of specific skills you’ll need to succeed in the career path of your choice.

    You can learn a little about me and what I’m passionate about from my TEDx talk.

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  • Deanna Forsythe

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States (US)

    My Master’s Degree is in Professional Development, K-12, is directly aligned with mentoring individuals to achieve their goals. My passion and ability to support others is evident in the following initiatives of which I am currently involved. First, I am an Alverno Undergraduate Assessor. My role is comprised of observing students in particular settings and providing one to one, constructive and evaluative feedback specific to global perspective, analysis, problem-solving, decision-making, and effective citizenship skill development. This supports improvement of life skill interactions they express as they enter the workforce. Second, I am an at-risk High School Assessor through Nepris. This position involves utilizing specific criteria framed to support students’ abilities to self-assess. This assessment is part of a Micro-Enterprise Credential program they must complete.

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  • Seyyed Ali Pourmousavi Kani

    St Lucia, Queensland, Australia

    I am a passionate researcher and a committed mentor. I have served as a mentor for more than 15 masters and PhD students over the years, and currently co-supervise 2 PhD students, 1 Masters students, and 4 thesis project students at UQ. I get involved deep into their research from the beginning to the end, and revise all their manuscript and sometimes computer codes. I care a lot about students working with and I love working with them very much. Cannot wait to work with you and help you with your research on the smart electricity grid, electricity market, ancillary services market, battery storage, battery integration to the grid, energy management systems, demand response, and prediction of PV/wind/load demand.


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  • Mark Bonta

    Queretaro, Queretaro de Arteaga, Mexico

    Experienced Researcher, Educator, Conservationist, and Community Development Practitioner with 23 years in the higher education field. Skilled in Sustainable Development, Technology Needs Analysis, Program Evaluation, Biodiversity Conservation, Writing, and Public Speaking.

    Strong research professional with a PhD in Geography from Louisiana State University, over 30 publications, and 850 citations.

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  • Sara Murray

    Perth, Western Australia, Australia

    With over 10 years communications experience across a wealth of industries and locations, Sara really has seen it all. Having worked on remote mine sites, in aviation, government, not-for-profits and as a consultant, her experience has led her to work on some incredible projects that are truly diverse in nature. Having worked in-depth on strategy development, PR, crisis communications, social media, major change management, internal communications, large-scale event management and writing for just about every channel imaginable – Sara has the experience to advise on all areas of communications.

    A core part of her role has always been stakeholder management and influencing those she is working with – Sara believes building and maintaining relationships is key to any role or position, not just communications. Working on this skill set and learning how to understand and engage with people can see you go from simply doing well in what you do, to really excelling. Really being thrown in the deep end can be a challenge and bring great rewards – this is something Sara has done successfully, time and again throughout her career. It’s not for everyone but there are some key learnings that can be applied which help improve this process.

    A quick snapshot of some of her career includes working for Air New Zealand and seeing them win and maintain corporate reputation in not only New Zealand, but also Australia; supporting a variety of clients for one of Perth’s leading consultancies, Clarity; experiencing the highs (and some lows) of FIFO life with FMG, working on a mine site in remote Western Australia, while building their internal communications strategy; and, supporting a major corporate acquisition of HWE Mining by BHP Billiton.

    While it’s important to have some degree of relatability to another person’s career or role as their mentor, I believe it’s more important to have a good connection and rapport. For this reason I’m open to mentoring anyone regardless of experience, background, skill set or industry you work in.

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  • Dorothy May Craigie Ricetti

    Boyup Brook, Western Australia, Australia
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  • Cornelia Galu

    Piatra Neamt, Neamt, Romania
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  • Brooke Moran

    Gunnison, Colorado, United States (US)

    Brooke has over 20 years of experience mentoring, coaching, facilitating, and teaching. She is a professor, as well as an executive leadership development and sustainability consultant.

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  • Mark Elder

    Summer Hill, New South Wales, Australia

    I have lived a full, interesting and sometimes dangerous life. I never planned any of it, I just said yes to pretty much everything. This has led me to many`career opportunities – magazine art director, corporate global creative and marketing manager, photo journalist, musician, film maker and agent provocateur.

    I have also explored the interior with Vipassana, releasing the kundalini in India, volunteering as a crisis counsellor, and writing a self help book – Get Yourself from Crisis to Coping.

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  • Joseph Echano

    Blackburn, Victoria, Australia

    A multimedia designer with seven years’ experience in multimedia design and evangelization, web design and writing. A professional church administrator with ten years in church-based evangelization, management and administration. A proven track record in theological writing and research and utilizing new media for evangelisation among church organizations, nonprofit and religious groups.

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  • J M Praadeep Kumaar Musthan

    Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

    With more than 15 years of working experience and have held several key positions, I’ve dealt with thousands of people from all walks of life. Problem solving and soft-skills is my biggest strength. Apart from that, I’m well-versed in various fields and subjects. Mentees, feel free to contact me and I will bring out the best in YOU. Life is a beautiful Journey, embrace it and you will SHINE through always

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    Letnisko Nowy JadĂłw, Mazowieckie, Poland

    I am a helpful, confident, approachable person, who always tries to provide a good, professional service. Open-minded and a good listener, I can assist/guide you with written tasks, such as CVs, letters of application, press articles, etc.  I am happy to teach, too, and cover whatever may be requested, e.g. grammar points, punctuation, vocabulary, etc. I am particularly good at talking about aspects of the English language (formal and informal), and generally giving advice, when asked. A humorous person, who keeps up-to-date with the modern world’s events/news, I like to think that I will be an effective, sincere Mentor, appreciated by my Mentees.

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  • Fakhra Hasan

    Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

    Hello. My name is Fakhra. I am a Story Scholar with The 1947 Partition Archive, a California-based, not-for-profit. For the last four years, I’ve been recording oral histories of farmers, war veterans, academics, journalists, fruit vendors, government and military officers, homemakers, and social workers living in South Asia, affected by the World Wars, famine, health crises, and the 1947 division of India into modern states of India and Pakistan. Previously, I was associated with UNESCO and World Vision.

    With 12 years of experience working with people, of all age groups, the strongest points of my personality in views of my work’s beneficiaries are empathy, patience, active listening, cautious editing, helping others succeed, and counselling, especially when it comes to me unexpectedly. I’m a spiritual and grounded person. You will find me highly professional, objective and goal-oriented in my dealings.

    • What are your goals and ambitions?
    • Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
    • Have you prepared a plan, proposal, manuscript or any technical document you’d like me to go through before you send it out to potential marketers, publishers, advertisers?
    • What is stopping you from taking the next big step in achieving your life goal?

    ..etc. etc. are some tips of the iceberg that we can address during our sessions, or anything in between, really. Each session will be 30 minutes long. I look forward to meeting you soon.

    Sincerely Yours,


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