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Alma Telibecirevic

United States (US)
Artist, PR & Project Manager
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Andrea Watson

United States (US)

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Andrew Minkovitz

United States (US)

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Andrew Pantelides

Marketing and Retail Industry Leader
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Arjun Chokshi

United States (US)

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Chris Pennisi

Sales Director
Western Sydney Publishing Group
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Claude Brown

United States (US)
Certified Occupational Safety Manager
Self Employed Consultant
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David Huijbers

Management Trainer / Consultant
Education Cloud
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Heather Sorensen

New Zealand

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Jami Netter

United States (US)

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Jeffrey Eakman

United States (US)

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United States (US)

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Kelly Matczak

United States (US)

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Mark Jennings

Business Owner
Business Books South West
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Mike O’Neil – Executive Coaching Program

United States (US)
CEO, Founder
Integrated Alliances
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  • Alma Telibecirevic

    PR, Project Manager & Artist with 10+ years of experience. Fulbright alumni. Transitioning strategy into execution.

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  • Andrea Watson

    Currently, I work as the Product Manager for 2Win! Global. I am passionate about helping B2B sales and pre-sales professionals by developing a solution that improves their professional lives. I am ambitious, motivated by challenging roles, and quite versatile with a wide range of skills. I have an exemplary track record for unparalleled customer satisfaction combined with strong account managerial skills. Teamwork has always been one of my strong suits; I find collaboration and idea sharing to be very productive.  I have an agile and technical mindset for product design, product management, user adoption, pricing strategies, revenue growth, training and demonstrations.  Outside of the office, I am profoundly involved in the T1D community since 2007; participating in and leading many fundraising events in order to raise money to find a cure for Type One diabetes. I am a T1D since 2007.

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  • Andrew Minkovitz

    My name is Andrew Minkovitz and I am currently a consultant in New York City, working in transfer pricing for a Big 4 firm. I graduated in 2017 from Georgetown University, where I studied international politics and international business in the School of Foreign Service. Having recently completed both the college and job search processes, I believe I can help provide a different prospective for those looking to study in the states or begin a professional career. Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to engage in a number of internships and work in both the public and private sectors in the U.S. Among my experiences were positions in think tanks, strategic consulting firms, government initiatives, concert and event planning, and tennis instruction. I am here to provide any guidance and coaching needed!

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  • Andrew Pantelides

    • Develop your 90 day strategy and deliver it in 60 days.
    • Get connected with industry professional that will have a direct impact on your goals.
    • Get published and get known.
    • Real results with achievable goals.
    • Build your personal brand.
    • Get to better understand your real purpose and create real goals of substance.


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  • Arjun Chokshi

    Hello Mentees! Please read my bio above and connect! It will be a rewarding experience for both of us.

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  • Claude Brown

    -Open your KJV and become OBEDIENT, PRAY for REVELATIONS and UNDERSTANDING of GOD and it will become your “LIVING WORD OF GOD” 

    Experiences in many different industries and walks of life, I am a lover of life and sharing my experiences in my professional career and the stories of lessons learned along the way are truly a pleasure. I have a medical and legal research background with US ARMY military adventures that have things even more interesting. I have always been a leader and can absolutely help to lead younger less experienced Safety people in the right direction to have an awesome career and life experience.

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  • David Huijbers

    Me: calm, understanding, listening, curious, finding your leading motive, going in depth, serious, focussed. Setting goals, overcoming fears.

    Important: family relations, experiences, relationships, career. Dreams and having them come out.

    I’ve coached managers and students and helped them further in their path to their ideal situation or even dreams. In retail business, sales, hospitality, elderly care and many others.

    I moved from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to Bangkok with my partner to continue my training and coaching career here.

    The intake is around 30 minutes and is free of charge. I will be working with Skype, FaceTime or other visual contact techniques.

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  • Dr. Martha Tara Lee

    I am an experienced sex and relationship coach and counsellor who has been in practice for seven years. I am Singaporean Chinese, and have worked with clients from varied backgrounds. I am an empath and able to use my experience and expertise to support you in getting the results you desire – and move on courageously with your life.

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  • Heather Sorensen

    I will help you to take away the stress that you may be feeling about whatever it is that is ahead of you – change, planning, events whether on a personal, business, group or organisation basis. I am friendly, relaxed and ready and available to help and support you to success.

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  • Jami Netter

    I am a successful Recreation Therapist, as well as a Restaurant Manager in the Indianapolis area.  I have a skill set that makes me successful in working with individuals with special needs.  I have experience in Autism, Psych, TBI, Rehab, Chemical Dependance and Cerebral Palsy.

    In the restaurant, I have worked as a server, host, busser, prepped food, worked private events, expo’d food as well as managed.

    I have worked in Recreation Therapy for more than 13 years, ABA and Autism for more than 4 years, Restaurant more than 12 years, Management for more than 7 years and Teaching for more than 10 years.


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  • Jeffrey Eakman

    Have spent over 27 years mentoring others in many aspects of life. How to handle a check book. Up too maintaining an inventory of 25+ Million. With budget control for training, materials, personal pay and time off.


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    I am a great listener and I pride myself on being able to listen to some of the things that people are not saying. I am good at motivating and inspiring people I know and with whom I come into contact. I am also very organized and have good time management skills. However I can be brutally honest and I am very goal and task-oriented.

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  • Kelly Matczak

    I’m excited to help YOU get in the right direction!

    My name is Kelly Matczak and I am the owner of Eagle Point East.

    I can help you approach problem solving in a new light:

    • relationships

    • careers

    • gain clarity and focus

    • improve decision making

    • overcome fears

    • creative strategies for specific goals

    • get out of your rut

    • mentoring

    • leadership

    • improve communications

    • find direction

    • remove roadblocks

    • build confidence


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  • Mark Jennings

    Hi. My name is Mark Jennings. I’m 37 and a small business owner since 2012, running a bookkeeping and business training business. Having started the business from scratch I can help with guiding you on your business journey. I also have a number of areas outside of work that I am involved in, largely community activities and events, and am happy to share with you my knowledge of how to run events to make yours run better. Knowledge shared is knowledge gained!

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  • Mike O’Neil – Executive Coaching Program

    LinkedIn is the #1 social media platform for B2B sales and marketing. Capabilities have exploded, new limitations were introduced, account types have changed and users are as confused as ever.

    Integrated Alliances founder Mike O’Neil helps entrepreneurs, business owners and executives cut through the LinkedIn clutter. In general, it’s a 60 day LinkedIn coaching program that delivers up to date strategies for profiles, network building, searching and engaging key targets.

    It pulls from a long list of topics, optimizes your business on LinkedIn and looks at the rest of the team. Mike delivers these intimate 1-on-1 sessions using Skype, desktop video and

    For most, the program gets you fully prepared for sophisticated LinkedIn Messaging and Marketing Campaigns – DIY, using an assistant or using an outside vendor like Integrated Alliances.

    Successful campaigns require you to fully understand your target market and how basic LinkedIn campaigns operate, even if they are actually operated by others.

    LinkedIn Topics Covered (all)

    • LinkedIn account signup – Sales Navigator
    • Settings for and Sales Navigator
    • Profile optimization for the new 2017 environment
    • Find and join useful LinkedIn groups
    • Training on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator Lead Builder searches
    • Training on how to build your LinkedIn network
      • People you already know
      • New people from searches and lists
    • Manage your LinkedIn and Sales Navigator Inboxes
    • Pre-call research and post-call follow-up techniques
    • LinkedIn graphics updates
      • Header, background and headshot images
      • LinkedIn profiles, company pages, posts
    • A manageable LinkedIn routine for you

    LinkedIn Marketing (some)

    • LinkedIn company page assessment, management
    • Creating content for use on LinkedIn (some)
    • Distributing content on LinkedIn (some)
    • LinkedIn status updates and LinkedIn publishing (some)

    LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaigns (some)

    • Planning LinkedIn invitation campaigns
    • Targeting specific user types on Sales Navigator
    • Creating great messages for campaigns
    • Managing LinkedIn campaigns using tools
    • Working with an assistant, outside vendor
    • On-going campaign planning

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Generation (all)

    • Lead Builder Lead Recommendations
    • Suggested leads from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator
    • Similar companies, similar people
    • Hunting and farming techniques


    Social Media Graphics (some)

    • Header, background and head shot images
      • Besides LinkedIn (profiles, company pages, posts)
      • Facebook, Twitter, others
    • Graphics for Web sites, blogs, posts

    Online Business Tools (some)

    • CRM social media assessment
    • Using scheduling tools like Calendly
    • Using domain names to simplify links like

    Expanded Social Media (some)

    • Mixing LinkedIn with Twitter, Facebook, Blog, others
    • Twitter assessment and update
    • Facebook assessment and update
    • Blog assessment and advisement

    Events (some)

    • Event marketing using LinkedIn, social media
    • Using Event registration platforms like EventBrite
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