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Dina Haifawi

EARLWOOD, New South Wales, Australia

Pharmacist in Charge
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Dr. Deepak Raj Paudel

Khairenitar, Gandaki, Nepal

Pediatrician & Senior Lecturer
Lumbini Medical College
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Neil Jeyasingam Bsc(Med), MBBS, MBus (Health Admin), MPsych, FRANZCP, Cert (FPOA)

Strathfield, New South Wales, Australia

Old Age Psychiatrist, Academic
NSW Health, Sydney University, Western Sydney University, Profectus Psychiatry
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Scott Newton

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Managing Director
SPH Global (a division of Alliance Kairos Inc)
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  • Altug Ozdamar

    Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
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  • Amgad Rabie

    Dikernis City, Dikernis, Ad Daqahliyah, Egypt
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  • Dina Haifawi

    EARLWOOD, New South Wales, Australia

    I have extensive experience across multiple sectors ranging from pharmaceutical marketing and sales to a clinical pharmacy setting centered around patient care.

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  • Dr. Deepak Raj Paudel

    Khairenitar, Gandaki, Nepal

    Fathers and mothers who are very anxious about health, education, growth and development of their children

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  • Faisal Khan

    London, Merton, United Kingdom (UK)

    Accredited Program/Project/PMO manager with approx. 14+ years’ experience of managing and leading a variety of programs/projects and PMO offices. Key experience in PMO set-up, change and management and devising and embedding tailored project management methodologies. Experience in managing a variety of stakeholders up to board level.

    Strong knowledge of PMO set-up, change, processes and management
    Good experience of program/project management delivery and support
    Highly effective at building relationships, solution focused, rapid learner with a consultancy approach
    Strong ability to adapt rapidly to different cultures, organisations, subject matters and project environments

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  • Hasan Almohtaseb

    Amman, 'Amman, Jordan

    I am a doctor of medicine

    I will help you , I will ask your questions

    Return to nature ‘for better health, advice on health and disease, treatment and recipes from nature, giving answers to medical and health questions’ and analysisthe results of laboratory tests

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  • Inamullah Ansari

    Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

    Accredited MINDS — Optimizing BRAINS Studying Attitudes & Mapping Violence.

    “We would like to be an honest failure than a corrupt success.” Honesty is a very expensive gift, so we don’t expect it from cheap people.

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  • Jacques Ciringwi

    Bukavu, Sud-Kivu, Congo (Kinshasa)
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  • Jami Netter

    Greenwood, Indiana, United States (US)

    I am a successful Recreation Therapist, as well as a Restaurant Manager in the Indianapolis area.  I have a skill set that makes me successful in working with individuals with special needs.  I have experience in Autism, Psych, TBI, Rehab, Chemical Dependence and Cerebral Palsy.

    In the restaurant, I have worked as a server, host, busser, prepped food, worked private events, expo’d food as well as managed.

    I have worked in Recreation Therapy for more than 13 years, ABA and Autism for more than 4 years, Restaurant more than 12 years, Management for more than 7 years and Teaching for more than 10 years.


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  • johanna sheehy

    kells, Meath, Republic of Ireland

    Experience has thought me to ask if i need help and talk if i need someone to listen. I am looking forward to speaking with you and helping in our sessions. There is no problem in whatever is discussed,  disagree, assess, change in your own development, as you wish i am an open minded person, confidential, and experienced.

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  • Lisa New

    Karana Downs, Queensland, Australia
    I work with Technology Leaders and Individual, Group, Organisational and Governance Collaborators to solve global, local and individual problems in an ethical and just manner, with the support of the safe use of Smart AI, in a Web 4.0 Environment.
    The Thinking Web aims to act as an inter-operable Global Knowledge Graph with a secure Blockchain Backend in a Web 4.0 Environment for tempero-spacial-event-interpretation to collaboratively and with a minimisation of miscommunication, bias and prejudice reason about interconnected data and entities and its relationships. 
    Collaborators are enabled by a user-friendly Hierarchical Primitive Upper Ontology which is a Formal Language with associated Linguistic, Cognitive and Deep Learning Machine Learning Optimisation Algorithmic capacities, capable of supporting collaborators to optimally integrate, clean, quality assure and enhance Big Data to become quality knowledge to support collective wisdom creation, real-world decision support and application, and continuous improvement of one-stop-shop of inter-connected 'best practice' strategies, standards, protocols, resources, services, models, etc. for optimal problem solutions, as a transparent scientific, ethical and just consensus development process for accelerated innovation in a constructive process for the achievement of human rights and planetary sustainability. 
    In this approach collaborators are able to be rewarded and invested in in a fair and transparent manner for their input, as individuals, groups and institutions, scaled towards a majority consensus about 'good' skills, expertise, innovations, services, products, etc. The interconnected wisdom of the Platform with dynamic streaming and Safe AI use is expected to attract fees for licences, applications and services for local tailored utilisation to outsource high cost ineffective and inefficient internal communication, financial, research and development, organisational risk and resource management and marketing management systems for integration with state of the art AI decision support technology and access to tailored Global Wisdom. 
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  • Neil Jeyasingam Bsc(Med), MBBS, MBus (Health Admin), MPsych, FRANZCP, Cert (FPOA)

    Strathfield, New South Wales, Australia

    If you’re a doctor, my credentials are clear and I can assist with planning future career paths and work/life balance issues. Sadly I’ve looked after many doctors professionally, and would prefer to assist doctors on a mentorship basis before psychosocial issues become mental health issues.

    If you’re not a doctor, I’d probably be most useful to you if you’re a little bit older, having tried a few things, and wanting to take stock of what you’ve accomplished and what else lies in store for you.

    My knowledge base is in several eclectic domains, but the fundamental unifying basis is listening. I’ll do my best to listen to what you need, and help you to hear it too. Within a mentoring paradigm I would not be your psychiatrist, but will work with the aim that both of us come away from the experience having learned something.

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  • Scott Newton

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    You can make a difference!    When strategy, process and culture dominate the landscape, ask yourself “how can I make a difference?” I am passionate about supporting people through business and personal challenges so they can contribute at levels that exceed expectations. I am motivated to help individuals navigate their way through through fast and changing times and take control of their careers. Included are business plan modelling, presentation effectiveness and communication skill development.   Your success, happiness and life balance is what matters most. You are your organizations best asset,  “Don’t just do a good job…….make a difference!

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  • Tua’au Kereti Mata’utia, Jr.

    Pago Pago, Western, American Samoa

    I am Tua’au Kereti Mata’utia, Jr., and I have over 20 years of consultant, administrator, college instructor and facilitator experience and expertise in general business disciplines, as well as effective research and writing policy skills.

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