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Stuart Taylor

St Leonards, New South Wales, Australia

General Manager Sales & Marketing
Aldo Group | CIC Technology | Duncan Solutions
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Alan Fanton

Banksia Beach, Queensland, Australia

Independent Consultant | Project Director
ProMan Services
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Mihai Patrascu

Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania

General manager
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Ed Panpongpanit

Mueng, Nonthaburi, Thailand

Regional Quality Service Manager
SIG Combibloc
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Sukhee Gombo

Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Professor & Member of Academic Board | Ex Advisor to Minister of Defence | Ex Consul General
Military University of Mongolia
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Jaideep Bauskar

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Product Head
Kion India
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  • Philip Hadley

    Wimborne, Dorset, United Kingdom (UK)

    A good comunicator, with varied experince.

    I started in Sales but moved to Inventory and Purchasing.

    My experince ranges form Very small to PLC sized companies.

    Willing to help with any type of business which involes physical product transactions.

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  • Sarah Turner

    Edge Hill, Queensland, Australia

    Sarah is a 15 year Military Officer and Gulf War Veteran.

    A soloprenuer, founder of Dijolife, a community of over 50000 woman globally.

    She specialises in female leadership, reducing the effects of high functioning anxiety and implementing self-care practices to improve work life balance.


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  • Antonio Fonduca

    Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

    Venture Diplomat

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  • Sonal More

    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

    Experienced commercial transactions lawyer with a demonstrated history of working in various industries ranging from chemicals manufacturing, media, fashion, telecommunications, software licensing, real estate transactions, and recruitment.

    Focus Areas: Corporate Advisory, Risk management/assessment, Intellectual property law, cyber laws, data protection regime. joint development agreements, internal compliance, policy drafting, complex transaction negotiation and management, and procurement agreements.

    If you are interested in any of my focus areas, I can assist you in planning your future career paths as a legal professional or a professional who focuses on these specific areas of interest. Multitasking and finding the right balance are my core competencies. My aim of mentorship is to ensure that the choices you make are based on your interests and strengths.

    I love helping people, I look forward to assisting you to achieve your dreams!

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  • Lisa New

    Karana Downs, Queensland, Australia
    I work with Technology Leaders and Individual, Group, Organisational and Governance Collaborators to solve global, local and individual problems in an ethical and just manner, with the support of the safe use of Smart AI, in a Web 4.0 Environment.
    The Thinking Web aims to act as an inter-operable Global Knowledge Graph with a secure Blockchain Backend in a Web 4.0 Environment for tempero-spacial-event-interpretation to collaboratively and with a minimisation of miscommunication, bias and prejudice reason about interconnected data and entities and its relationships. 
    Collaborators are enabled by a user-friendly Hierarchical Primitive Upper Ontology which is a Formal Language with associated Linguistic, Cognitive and Deep Learning Machine Learning Optimisation Algorithmic capacities, capable of supporting collaborators to optimally integrate, clean, quality assure and enhance Big Data to become quality knowledge to support collective wisdom creation, real-world decision support and application, and continuous improvement of one-stop-shop of inter-connected 'best practice' strategies, standards, protocols, resources, services, models, etc. for optimal problem solutions, as a transparent scientific, ethical and just consensus development process for accelerated innovation in a constructive process for the achievement of human rights and planetary sustainability. 
    In this approach collaborators are able to be rewarded and invested in in a fair and transparent manner for their input, as individuals, groups and institutions, scaled towards a majority consensus about 'good' skills, expertise, innovations, services, products, etc. The interconnected wisdom of the Platform with dynamic streaming and Safe AI use is expected to attract fees for licences, applications and services for local tailored utilisation to outsource high cost ineffective and inefficient internal communication, financial, research and development, organisational risk and resource management and marketing management systems for integration with state of the art AI decision support technology and access to tailored Global Wisdom. 
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  • Ker Pi Chong

    Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia
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  • Stuart Taylor

    St Leonards, New South Wales, Australia

    Experienced and flexible business leader.

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  • Alan Fanton

    Banksia Beach, Queensland, Australia

    I believe that the right people are the most important asset to any business. It is essential that the mentor and mentee are passionate about their work and want to achieve project and business objectives.

    Teamwork and discipline are a necessary ingredient to achieving success, it is essential that the team leader supports team members in both work and personal related matters where possible to establish a strong bond and trust. I want to pass on my 40+ years of experience in the project management field to help less experienced project managers learn on the job and improve their skills.  It is important to understand that the project is implemented to enhance the overall business and this should not be underestimated.

    I can help in this area and highlight the benefits of changes that may be necessary during execution understanding the potential effects on schedule and budget and if it is beneficial to proceed with a change or maintain the approved execution methodology.


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  • Mihai Patrascu

    Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania

    I speak 7 languages fluently, I have written 8 books and I love networking, putting people in contact, making connections, studying behaviours and getting a big plus out of my skills.

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  • Ed Panpongpanit

    Mueng, Nonthaburi, Thailand

    More than 16-year experienced throughout the industrial supply chain from customer support to supply chain cost management manager. Crossed-cultural program management and quality management in hi-tech , FMCG; MNC organization. Possess excellence skill in presentation, good analysis and abstract reasoning of complex issues. Work closely and support information and presentation to foreign corporate executives.

    Adept in various business areas from technical engineering, quality management system, program management, customer relationship management through analysis of cost management. Good at deploying business procedure into practice with integrity but not limited self to generate an innovative idea to get the work done. Good managerial ingredient for all kind of MNC.

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  • Sukhee Gombo

    Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Summary of qualifications:

    • International diplomatic Relations and Management of international level of company
    • Diplomacy and Preventive diplomacy
    • Security and defense sector governance ,development and capacity building of company
    • Military headquarters operation management command ,control ,communication and strategy, tactics
    • APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) and Pacific Economic Cooperation counsel) PECC
    • Enormous teaching and research experience at international University level
    • Geopolitical studies and analysis
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  • Allen Hill

    Bangkok, Samut Prakan, Thailand

    I am an experienced engineer and manager involved in all aspects of power plant construction, commissioning, compliance, customer relations, project management and commercial operation of all types of power plants.

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  • Carina Rogerio

    Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

    Carina certainly comes across as a professional. Yet her personal touch often surprises her clients: she means business without taking things too seriously while being a firm believer of earning great reasons to celebrate.

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  • Paulo Pragana

    Algés, Lisboa, Portugal

    My name is Paulo Pragana and I am from Portugal. I am 48 years old and married with a son and daughter. More than happy to share more than 25 years of diverse executive experience in different industries, roles, geographies and business agendas acting in a context of high complexity prior, during and after the financial crisis.

    Hoping that my experience shall help several mentees who are now starting or consolidating their individual careers, especially for those who admire such a great company called General Electric, where I spent almost 19 years. 🙂

    Your’s faithfully



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  • Liz Benson

    INGLEWOOD, Western Australia, Australia

    I have had many years experience as a senior teacher/trainer over and above having extensive experience as an executive coach and mentor for emerging managers and leaders. I have over 35 years business and management experience in the private, public and not for profit sectors.  My expertise is in strategic and operational planning, training, coaching, financial management, audit, business administration, governance and risk management, corporate services, and analytical skills have helped to ensure business success for many organisations and numerous individuals.

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  • Jaideep Bauskar

    Pune, Maharashtra, India


    I am here to share my experience and also to share the mistakes i have done, so the others don’t do it. With the rich experience would like to mentor people in business strategies and also if anyone needs any particular inputs for the Indian market.

    Assure you that you would get benefitted from me.



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