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Andrew Walsh

Coach, CA & CEO
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Arjun Chokshi

United States (US)

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Cecile Fery

Customer Research Manager
Coles Australia
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Claude Brown

United States (US)
Certified Occupational Safety Manager
Self Employed Consultant
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Dr Nick Camp

United Kingdom (UK)

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Gillian Haston

United Kingdom (UK)

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Jeffrey Eakman

United States (US)

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Jeremy McCauley

United States (US)
Chief of Operations
Bio-tech Pharmacal
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Liezl Schoeman

South Africa
Talent Coach (HR, Recruitment)
Independent Consultant
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Loubna Hanna

United States (US)

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Maratib Ali Shad

United Kingdom (UK)
Founder & Leader
Life Mastery Success
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Nadya Petseva


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Patrick Kennedy

Republic of Ireland
Executive & Career Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Consultant
Self employed
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  • Andrew Walsh

    Andrew can assist you with the following:

    • getting clarity over what you want from your career
    • career planning – setting goals, gap assessments & success maps
    • changing careers
    • employability & job applications
    • making a move into management or leadership
    • transition from employee to starting a business
    • Other areas
      • communication, presentation skills & camera work
      • personal brand & social media
      • finance and accounting profession
      • property industry

    If you want to accelerate your career, change direction or simply feel more confident Andrew is the coach for you.

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  • Arjun Chokshi

    Hello Mentees! Please read my bio above and connect! It will be a rewarding experience for both of us.

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  • Cecile Fery

    I’m a senior marketer with 15 years corporate experience and also a qualified coach. I have gained lots of insights throughout my various roles across multiple industries so I can mentor you to get the job that you want or to even start with finding out what it is. As a coach, I am very down-to-earth, friendly and generous with my advice because I care about helping people. I am offering you my strengths in strategic thinking, judgment, honesty and focus to grow your career. As a person, I am a direct communicator, who loves to share what I’ve learnt. If this resonates with you, feel free to contact me.

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  • Claude Brown

    -Open your KJV and become OBEDIENT, PRAY for REVELATIONS and UNDERSTANDING of GOD and it will become your “LIVING WORD OF GOD” 

    Experiences in many different industries and walks of life, I am a lover of life and sharing my experiences in my professional career and the stories of lessons learned along the way are truly a pleasure. I have a medical and legal research background with US ARMY military adventures that have things even more interesting. I have always been a leader and can absolutely help to lead younger less experienced Safety people in the right direction to have an awesome career and life experience.

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  • Dr Nick Camp

    Drug Discovery consultant with over 20 years experience as a Medicinal Chemist in Biotech and Pharma. Would be very interested in helping Mentee’s who are looking for a career or further development in Drug Discovery, Research and Development or Science.

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  • Gillian Haston

    I am a qualified NLP coach and hypnotherapist with a huge interest and experience in health and wellbeing. I also have many years experience in human resource management and am experienced at dispute resolution, change management, organisational development and training development delivery.

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  • Jeffrey Eakman

    Have spent over 27 years mentoring others in many aspects of life. How to handle a check book. Up too maintaining an inventory of 25+ Million. With budget control for training, materials, personal pay and time off.


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  • Jeremy McCauley

    If you are stuck and are looking for direction, I will be able to help.  I’ve counselled people on a personal and professional level for many years and am fortunate to have had success.  I’m more interested in your getting your strategy and direction in place than whatever fee is involved.

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  • Jonathan Sweet

    An Olympian with an MBA and 13+ years of professional experience in sales and marketing in high performance roles.

    Jonathan has extensive experience in building and executing large sales, marketing and communications projects and programs of work that promote strong business-to-business relationships, engage consumers and uncover opportunities for substantial business growth with proven return on investment.

    He has a strong leadership background from Sales to General Management and can off advice on a number of areas and these include;

    • Building a personal profile
    • Career planning, coaching and strategic development
    • Getting a step up in role
    • Salary negotiation
    • Marketing Strategy, Integrated Communications, Social Media Management, Brand Management, Event Management, Market Analytics & Research
    • Project Management
    • Corporate Communications, Stakeholder Engagement, Investor Relations, CSR Strategy & Reporting
    • Business Development Strategy


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  • Liezl Schoeman

    My coaching experience is extensive spanning over two decades of which 2.5 years have been online via Skype. In terms of diversity, my clients are between the ages of 25 and 65. My coaching methods are tailored individually and focused on value extraction of client strengths coupled with quantitative and qualitative guidelines to improve efficiency and effectiveness. I believe that metrics are the foundation of any training initiative….Inspect what you Expect.

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  • Loubna Hanna

    I am a passionate educator with more than 20 years experience in the academic and consultancy worlds. I was educated in three continents and have taught in 2. I spent the last 15 years teaching in some of the top universities/programs in the U.S. I specialize in communication, international development/ relations, and human rights include gender and youth.

    I have a rich/broad experience in mentoring the young to transition from high school to college, and from college to their first jobs. Because of my multilingual and multicultural background, I have supported students in adjusting their skills to their interests and the interests of the market. I have also helped young people make education and career choices, provided support during application processes and most importantly built their confidence to deploy their strengths and assets to achieve their goals.

    Because I’m a deep believer in gender justice and equal opportunity for all, I am very supportive of the young in their diversity and differences. I take great satisfaction in guiding the young generation towards achieving their best and I rejoice in their successes. Mentors have played a key role in my own professional accomplishments. I seek to provide the best mentorship I’m capable of.

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  • M.Dhayalan Naresh

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  • Nadya Petseva

    A  young 3+ years experienced and skilled Laboratory technician from both the industry and academic research in the Life Sciences field. I posses a unique blend of business and life science skills with a technical flair. I have undergone a major career trnasition from the business field of Marketing into the field of Biotechnology and Life Sciences. My experience is further extended into multicultural life and work and relocation abroad. I lived, worked and studied in Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Thus I have a good understanding of the Scandinavian languages and work culture and relocations in between countries.

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  • Patrick Kennedy

    Pat is an experienced and award winning Executive and Career Coach specializing in the different areas where coaching can be a powerful tool to improve someone’s professional experience: Career, Leadership, Business and Performance.

    Winner of Coach of the Year and Business Coach of the Year ICF (International Coach Federation) Ireland among other awards.

    His personal philosophy: “I love working with organisations and people who want to push out their self-imposed boundaries to achieve more for themselves and their organisations leading to happier, more fulfilling, more challenging and rewarding careers and lives”. His coaching style is to give space to ‘press the pause button’ to see more clearly the current challenges and the opportunities. The coachees get the chance to step back and reflect on what is really important and, even more importantly, what they want to do about it, and to get clarity about the destination and the routes to get there. Pat provides the positive support with challenge, where appropriate, to help people reach this destination in a timely manner. He finds it is interesting to observe people achieve much more than they initially thought possible.

    Pat’s coach training includes an Advanced Management Diploma in Business & Executive Coaching (Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School) and a Diploma in Coaching (Coaching Development UK). His educational background includes a Marketing Degree (MMII Grad) from the Marketing Institute of Ireland, a Certificate in Training & Continuing Education from the National University of Ireland, a People Skills for Managers course and a Core Skills of Management course he completed at the Irish Management Institute.

    Pat holds a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential by ICF (International Coach Federation).

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  • Peter Holdt Holsteen

    Myself: I`m a highly motivated individual, who is humorous, self-driven, energetic, academically curious and business oriented. My main driver is being positive, altruistic and getting the best out of situations: Also for you!

    How you can help YOU:

    Depending your needs, I will challenge you and help you set goals and assist you in creating a plan for you and your issue at hand. I will give you the big picture and will advise you on the details in order to excel and thrive.

    For example on career strategies (strategy of 1-12 months), I would suggest the following mentoring programme (6 sessions):

    Session 1 (Day 1): Understanding you and your situation.

    Session 2 (Day 2-21): Goal setting: short and long term.

    Session 3 (Day 21-90): Debriefing on execution and adjustments to plan.

    Session 4 (Day 90-120): Debriefing on execution and adjustments to plan.

    Session 5: (Day 120-200): Debriefing on execution and adjustments to plan.

    Session 6: (Day 200-362): Debriefing on execution and future plan.

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