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Alma Telibecirevic

United States (US)
Artist, PR & Project Manager
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Cecile Fery

Customer Research Manager
Coles Australia
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Greg Hodson

United States (US)

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Jamie Morse MA

Campaign Communications Manager
BAE Systems Australia
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Jeremy McCauley

United States (US)
Chief of Operations
Bio-tech Pharmacal
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Kevin Byrne


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Loubna Hanna

United States (US)

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Md. Azmal Hossain

PhD Student
Bangladesh University of Professionals
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Mike O’Neil – Executive Coaching Program

United States (US)
CEO, Founder
Integrated Alliances
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Miriam Eryan

Shine Lawyers
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Moses Mogbolu

Head, Sales and Marketing
Meadow Hall Group
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Nelson B Smith II

United States (US)

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Paul Cochrane

Owner/ Managing Director Sports Media Solutions
Sports Media Solutions
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Sarah Mundy


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Tua’au Kereti Mata’utia, Jr.

American Samoa
Government Law Clerk other, Business Consultant
American Samoa Government other, Private Business Consultant
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  • Alma Telibecirevic

    PR, Project Manager & Artist with 10+ years of experience. Fulbright alumni. Transitioning strategy into execution.

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  • Cecile Fery

    I’m a senior marketer with 15 years corporate experience and also a qualified coach. I have gained lots of insights throughout my various roles across multiple industries so I can mentor you to get the job that you want or to even start with finding out what it is. As a coach, I am very down-to-earth, friendly and generous with my advice because I care about helping people. I am offering you my strengths in strategic thinking, judgment, honesty and focus to grow your career. As a person, I am a direct communicator, who loves to share what I’ve learnt. If this resonates with you, feel free to contact me.

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  • Greg Hodson

    I’m a 35 year veteran of broadcast television production, management, and consulting and have worked for Network affiliates, major syndicators, Cable Networks, production companies, and have produced scores of independent production projects.

    My success is centered on story-telling; creating the best commercial, short-form or long-form content that activates a direct-response. I’m an expert who finds the emotional triggers, the tipping-points, specific benefits that create winning spots, programs, and campaign

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  • Jamie Morse MA

    Throughout my career I have most enjoyed helping staff achieve their professional development goals under my management. To support this I have developed and retained tools and training modules that have helped move staff under my management to more senior levels.

    Since returning to Australia in 2015 I have mentored members of the Australian Public Relations Institute of Australia and have a 100% success rate against mentee objectives, helping them to move up/ on in their current careers.

    My approach to mentoring is to work with mentees to identify SMART goals and before mapping out a course of action that will help them achieve the results/ change they are looking for. My expectations for mentees who find me through MentorSelect is that we will co-create a roadmap which we will work through in partnership over the 6 or 12 week course.

    Mentees who are interested in working with me are encouraged to review my LinkedIn Profile.

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  • Jeremy McCauley

    If you are stuck and are looking for direction, I will be able to help.  I’ve counselled people on a personal and professional level for many years and am fortunate to have had success.  I’m more interested in your getting your strategy and direction in place than whatever fee is involved.

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  • Kevin Byrne

    40+ years of leadership, business, and Change Management experience.  Fortunate enough to have been exposed to some outstanding international experiences that have allowed me to travel and experience the world!

    Worked for some outstanding leaders/mentors and now own my own successful companies.

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  • Loubna Hanna

    I am a passionate educator with more than 20 years experience in the academic and consultancy worlds. I was educated in three continents and have taught in 2. I spent the last 15 years teaching in some of the top universities/programs in the U.S. I specialize in communication, international development/ relations, and human rights include gender and youth.

    I have a rich/broad experience in mentoring the young to transition from high school to college, and from college to their first jobs. Because of my multilingual and multicultural background, I have supported students in adjusting their skills to their interests and the interests of the market. I have also helped young people make education and career choices, provided support during application processes and most importantly built their confidence to deploy their strengths and assets to achieve their goals.

    Because I’m a deep believer in gender justice and equal opportunity for all, I am very supportive of the young in their diversity and differences. I take great satisfaction in guiding the young generation towards achieving their best and I rejoice in their successes. Mentors have played a key role in my own professional accomplishments. I seek to provide the best mentorship I’m capable of.

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  • Md. Azmal Hossain

    I am interested to mentor in the areas of public health theories, models and approached in social and behavioral communication, policy analysis and advocacy, program development and management. Expertise also be invested in fund-raising techniques from both public and corporate foundations and in proposal writing and management.

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  • Mike O’Neil – Executive Coaching Program

    LinkedIn is the #1 social media platform for B2B sales and marketing. Capabilities have exploded, new limitations were introduced, account types have changed and users are as confused as ever.

    Integrated Alliances founder Mike O’Neil helps entrepreneurs, business owners and executives cut through the LinkedIn clutter. In general, it’s a 60 day LinkedIn coaching program that delivers up to date strategies for profiles, network building, searching and engaging key targets.

    It pulls from a long list of topics, optimizes your business on LinkedIn and looks at the rest of the team. Mike delivers these intimate 1-on-1 sessions using Skype, desktop video and

    For most, the program gets you fully prepared for sophisticated LinkedIn Messaging and Marketing Campaigns – DIY, using an assistant or using an outside vendor like Integrated Alliances.

    Successful campaigns require you to fully understand your target market and how basic LinkedIn campaigns operate, even if they are actually operated by others.

    LinkedIn Topics Covered (all)

    • LinkedIn account signup – Sales Navigator
    • Settings for and Sales Navigator
    • Profile optimization for the new 2017 environment
    • Find and join useful LinkedIn groups
    • Training on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator Lead Builder searches
    • Training on how to build your LinkedIn network
      • People you already know
      • New people from searches and lists
    • Manage your LinkedIn and Sales Navigator Inboxes
    • Pre-call research and post-call follow-up techniques
    • LinkedIn graphics updates
      • Header, background and headshot images
      • LinkedIn profiles, company pages, posts
    • A manageable LinkedIn routine for you

    LinkedIn Marketing (some)

    • LinkedIn company page assessment, management
    • Creating content for use on LinkedIn (some)
    • Distributing content on LinkedIn (some)
    • LinkedIn status updates and LinkedIn publishing (some)

    LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaigns (some)

    • Planning LinkedIn invitation campaigns
    • Targeting specific user types on Sales Navigator
    • Creating great messages for campaigns
    • Managing LinkedIn campaigns using tools
    • Working with an assistant, outside vendor
    • On-going campaign planning

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Generation (all)

    • Lead Builder Lead Recommendations
    • Suggested leads from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator
    • Similar companies, similar people
    • Hunting and farming techniques


    Social Media Graphics (some)

    • Header, background and head shot images
      • Besides LinkedIn (profiles, company pages, posts)
      • Facebook, Twitter, others
    • Graphics for Web sites, blogs, posts

    Online Business Tools (some)

    • CRM social media assessment
    • Using scheduling tools like Calendly
    • Using domain names to simplify links like

    Expanded Social Media (some)

    • Mixing LinkedIn with Twitter, Facebook, Blog, others
    • Twitter assessment and update
    • Facebook assessment and update
    • Blog assessment and advisement

    Events (some)

    • Event marketing using LinkedIn, social media
    • Using Event registration platforms like EventBrite
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  • Miriam Eryan

    I am a media professional with eight years of experience working across both the 7 and 9 networks.

    I began my career as a media librarian at the Seven Network and worked my way through the ranks while completing my degree at the University of Wollongong. I have worked across Sunrise, The Morning Show, 7 News, 9 News, The Today Show and Mornings (now Today Extra), before making the switch to the world of PR.

    I am currently the state Media Advisor for Shine Lawyers, managing all of our media interests across NSW.

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  • Moses Mogbolu


    Mr. Moses Mogbolu can be defined in five words; Strategist, Dependable, Creative, Achiever and Analytical. He is highly articulate, well trained and experienced brand strategist, marketing communications professional, digital marketing guru and marketing expert verse in business plan development, brand/marketing strategy formulation and implementation, channels/business development, digital marketing, experiential marketing, marketing research, brand management, media management, events management, PR and brand reputation management, customers’ relationship management, integrated marketing communications, sales and marketing.

    Mr. Mogbolu has a first degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Marketing with graduating CGPA of 4.22 and 4.25 respectively. He also has a Chartered Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing from National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN) and a Professional Diploma in Advertising from Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON). He is a certified professional associate member of NIMN and APCON respectively. He is also an alumnus of Daystar Leadership Academy and a certified Orange Mind in Digital Marketing from Orange Academy.

    Mr. Mogbolu started his career with DN Meyer Plc as a Management Trainee in February, 2007. Since then, he has maintained consistent career growth in DN Meyer Plc (Manufacturing sector) from Management Trainee to Brand Executive(Decorative paints) and Globacom Limited (Telecommunications sector) as Branding/Outdor Specialist, Brand Manager, Regional Head of Branding & Channels Development, and Zonal Head of Marketing Communications before joining Meadow Hall Group in September 2016 as the Head, Sales and Marketing. He has received various awards of excellence from many corporate bodies and highly placed individuals.

    Kindly see below some key projects and campaigns I have successfully planned and executed over the last 11 years; Glo Infinito Package, Glo Bumpa Package, Glo Bolt, Glo Campus Booster, Glo G-BAM Package, Glo Iyaloja Package, Glo Big Dash, Glo Phonelord, Glo Text 4 Millions Promo, Glo Recharge to Stardom Promo, Glo Campus Storm, Glo CAF Awards, Glo Premier League (GPL), Glo G-BAM Campus Tour(Lagos & Mid-West), Glo Laffta Fest, Glo Slide & Bounce Tour (Lagos & Mid-West), Glo Naija Sing, Glo Dealers Awards, Glo Computer Village Carnival, Glo Dealers’ Outlets Branding, DN Meyer Channels Branding, DN Meyer’ Dealers Awards, DN Meyer Painters Club, Meyer Long-Life product(now gladiator), Meyer Wall Satin, DN Meyer AWAM, DN Meyer Paint & Pay Later Scheme, Meadow Hall Home Tutors, Inspirational Educator Awards(INSEA), Meadow Hall Education Convention, Meadow Hall Football Camp with Daniel Amokachi, Meadow Hall Turf Rental, EDUCAMP, Meadow Hall Edutainment Centre and many more…

    Mr. Mogbolu is happily married with three children. He enjoys research, mentoring, helping others and learning new things. He believes that feedback is the breakfast of champions. He is self-motivated, hard-working and multi-tasking with strong attention to details.  He has excellent entrepreneurial and leadership skills, and always motivates his team members to deliver on the set objectives.




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  • Nelson B Smith II

    I am a father, dreamer, writer, activist and professional. I have been blessed to sell more than 1 million albums worldwide. My music and clients have been nominated for multiple awards including Grammy, Stellar and Dove. As a manager and leader to more than 1200 people over my career, there are few accomplishments more satisfying than seeing someone achieve success and self belief. I believe in this life of aspiration towards the intangible there is no box. I wont waste anyone’s time who does not believe in the power of their purpose.

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  • Paul Cochrane

    I have enjoyed a high-profile media career across all aspects of the industry for the past 25 years. I have worked in newspapers, television, magazines, have tutored in media at University and am now applying my knowledge and skills to corporate brands and companies. I have specialised in sport and have headed up the media operations for major events and competitions in Australia and overseas. I would love to help mentor and guide dedicated and aspiring professionals with some of the intel and experience I have gained throughout my career.

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  • Sarah Mundy

    I have already done so much in the name of sport and yet I feel that there is so much more that I want to achieve as growth is needed for continuous success and happiness. While my CV and credentials attest to my professional qualifications, I have many additional personal experiences that support my knowledge and expertise. I have global working experience and understand the nuances of dealing and working across different cultures, time zones and markets. I am passionate about sports and have been intricately involved in the industry for over 19 years having worked with team sports, individual athletes, and the sports retail and wholesale space.

    My passion for running has seen me recently complete the World Marathon Majors as well as 3 x finisher of the Comrades Marathon (Ultra Marathon). I have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and am looking forward to heading to Base Camp Everest in 2018. My passion for travel has taken me to see the Silver Back Gorilla’s in Uganda and Rwanda to experiencing hiking to the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles USA.

    I am interested in helping individuals become the best version of themselves and always ensuring they play to their strengths. I am currently enrolled in a top leadership course to help me build on this. I really believe that positivity always wins! While we always will be faced with setbacks professionally and personally, it is how we deal with these that will set us apart from others. Execution is the ultimate driver for all our hopes and dreams and I hope I can encourage each person I come in touch with to always strive to level up. You are who you surround yourself with and I hope I can provide all the support, guidance and expertise based on my previous and current experience to ensure you can fulfill all your career and personal aspirations

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  • Tua’au Kereti Mata’utia, Jr.

    I am Tua’au Kereti Mata’utia, Jr., and I have over 20 years of consultant, administrator, college instructor and facilitator experience and expertise in general business disciplines, as well as effective research and writing policy skills.

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