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Andrea Watson

United States (US)

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Greg Hodson

United States (US)

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Ky Chow

Journalist and media consultant
Ky Chow
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Mark Schroeder


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Michael Parle

Republic of Ireland

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Miriam Eryan

Shine Lawyers
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Moses Mogbolu

Head, Sales and Marketing
Meadow Hall Group
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Nancy Baki

Strategic Marketing Business Coach
Best Entrepreneur Solutions
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United States (US)

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Paul Cochrane

Owner/ Managing Director Sports Media Solutions
Sports Media Solutions
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Sarah Mundy


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Shelly Horton

Journalist and Founder
ShellShocked Media
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Tod Lautenberg

United States (US)
Writer/Editor/Director Film and TV
Psychedelic Pictures
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Tony Wall

New Zealand

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  • Andrea Watson

    Currently, I work as the Product Manager for 2Win! Global. I am passionate about helping B2B sales and pre-sales professionals by developing a solution that improves their professional lives. I am ambitious, motivated by challenging roles, and quite versatile with a wide range of skills. I have an exemplary track record for unparalleled customer satisfaction combined with strong account managerial skills. Teamwork has always been one of my strong suits; I find collaboration and idea sharing to be very productive.  I have an agile and technical mindset for product design, product management, user adoption, pricing strategies, revenue growth, training and demonstrations.  Outside of the office, I am profoundly involved in the T1D community since 2007; participating in and leading many fundraising events in order to raise money to find a cure for Type One diabetes. I am a T1D since 2007.

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  • Greg Hodson

    I’m a 35 year veteran of broadcast television production, management, and consulting and have worked for Network affiliates, major syndicators, Cable Networks, production companies, and have produced scores of independent production projects.

    My success is centered on story-telling; creating the best commercial, short-form or long-form content that activates a direct-response. I’m an expert who finds the emotional triggers, the tipping-points, specific benefits that create winning spots, programs, and campaign

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  • Jonathan Sweet

    An Olympian with an MBA and 13+ years of professional experience in sales and marketing in high performance roles.

    Jonathan has extensive experience in building and executing large sales, marketing and communications projects and programs of work that promote strong business-to-business relationships, engage consumers and uncover opportunities for substantial business growth with proven return on investment.

    He has a strong leadership background from Sales to General Management and can off advice on a number of areas and these include;

    • Building a personal profile
    • Career planning, coaching and strategic development
    • Getting a step up in role
    • Salary negotiation
    • Marketing Strategy, Integrated Communications, Social Media Management, Brand Management, Event Management, Market Analytics & Research
    • Project Management
    • Corporate Communications, Stakeholder Engagement, Investor Relations, CSR Strategy & Reporting
    • Business Development Strategy


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  • Mark Schroeder

    Creative and Strategy

    Over 20+ year experience, strong focus on retail.

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  • Michael Parle

    Been There Done That Worn The . . .

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  • Miriam Eryan

    I am a media professional with eight years of experience working across both the 7 and 9 networks.

    I began my career as a media librarian at the Seven Network and worked my way through the ranks while completing my degree at the University of Wollongong. I have worked across Sunrise, The Morning Show, 7 News, 9 News, The Today Show and Mornings (now Today Extra), before making the switch to the world of PR.

    I am currently the state Media Advisor for Shine Lawyers, managing all of our media interests across NSW.

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  • Moses Mogbolu


    Mr. Moses Mogbolu can be defined in five words; Strategist, Dependable, Creative, Achiever and Analytical. He is highly articulate, well trained and experienced brand strategist, marketing communications professional, digital marketing guru and marketing expert verse in business plan development, brand/marketing strategy formulation and implementation, channels/business development, digital marketing, experiential marketing, marketing research, brand management, media management, events management, PR and brand reputation management, customers’ relationship management, integrated marketing communications, sales and marketing.

    Mr. Mogbolu has a first degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Marketing with graduating CGPA of 4.22 and 4.25 respectively. He also has a Chartered Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing from National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN) and a Professional Diploma in Advertising from Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON). He is a certified professional associate member of NIMN and APCON respectively. He is also an alumnus of Daystar Leadership Academy and a certified Orange Mind in Digital Marketing from Orange Academy.

    Mr. Mogbolu started his career with DN Meyer Plc as a Management Trainee in February, 2007. Since then, he has maintained consistent career growth in DN Meyer Plc (Manufacturing sector) from Management Trainee to Brand Executive(Decorative paints) and Globacom Limited (Telecommunications sector) as Branding/Outdor Specialist, Brand Manager, Regional Head of Branding & Channels Development, and Zonal Head of Marketing Communications before joining Meadow Hall Group in September 2016 as the Head, Sales and Marketing. He has received various awards of excellence from many corporate bodies and highly placed individuals.

    Kindly see below some key projects and campaigns I have successfully planned and executed over the last 11 years; Glo Infinito Package, Glo Bumpa Package, Glo Bolt, Glo Campus Booster, Glo G-BAM Package, Glo Iyaloja Package, Glo Big Dash, Glo Phonelord, Glo Text 4 Millions Promo, Glo Recharge to Stardom Promo, Glo Campus Storm, Glo CAF Awards, Glo Premier League (GPL), Glo G-BAM Campus Tour(Lagos & Mid-West), Glo Laffta Fest, Glo Slide & Bounce Tour (Lagos & Mid-West), Glo Naija Sing, Glo Dealers Awards, Glo Computer Village Carnival, Glo Dealers’ Outlets Branding, DN Meyer Channels Branding, DN Meyer’ Dealers Awards, DN Meyer Painters Club, Meyer Long-Life product(now gladiator), Meyer Wall Satin, DN Meyer AWAM, DN Meyer Paint & Pay Later Scheme, Meadow Hall Home Tutors, Inspirational Educator Awards(INSEA), Meadow Hall Education Convention, Meadow Hall Football Camp with Daniel Amokachi, Meadow Hall Turf Rental, EDUCAMP, Meadow Hall Edutainment Centre and many more…

    Mr. Mogbolu is happily married with three children. He enjoys research, mentoring, helping others and learning new things. He believes that feedback is the breakfast of champions. He is self-motivated, hard-working and multi-tasking with strong attention to details.  He has excellent entrepreneurial and leadership skills, and always motivates his team members to deliver on the set objectives.




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  • Nancy Baki

    I am committed to delivering excellence in everything I do. My passion is to look at where your business is today, what your business vision and mission is, show you how to increase your leads and sales using marketing strategies that increase profits and revenue from day 1, what business goals and objectives you have, even if you don’t have any (don’t worry…many businesses don’t have any), whether it is online or an offline business or both. If you are an entrepreneur is looking to start a business, and not sure where to start, I can help you.  Even if you do not know what your passion is and you are motivated in starting a business I can help you.

    If you already have an established business, whether you are a sole proprietor or a you have employees (1-500+ employees) you need help with a specific situation with your departments such as increase in sales and profit, needing to fix a specific problem, marketing and sales plans for NEW customers and current customers, revising your website and marketing techniques to ensure you are spending your money in the right place and getting your ROI you need,  hiring the right people, employee loyalty, leveraging time properly, engaging with employees, getting things in place faster, private life importance, professionalism, almost any specific business issues that are needed, I can help. if I cannot help you for some reason I will find someone in my very large network to ensure you get to where you need to.

    One of the most important thing when working with you is to keep you motivated, always learning and growing, supporting you on a regular basis and most important is to help you succeed, win and reach extraordinary results.

    It’s time to PAY IT FORWARD!

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    An organized and creative professional with proven customer service skills, client fulfillment, and a desire to learn more. 10+ years of experience translating executive vision into tangible and sustainable processes. In addition, Working as a tech support for a diverse variety of organization and clients has established a solid foundation for the ever changing world of technology. Gained expertise in social media marketing, graphic design application, web based advertising, and brand consulting. Currently looking for opportunities where I can utilize my existing skill set and knowledge to increase company profitability.

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  • Paul Cochrane

    I have enjoyed a high-profile media career across all aspects of the industry for the past 25 years. I have worked in newspapers, television, magazines, have tutored in media at University and am now applying my knowledge and skills to corporate brands and companies. I have specialised in sport and have headed up the media operations for major events and competitions in Australia and overseas. I would love to help mentor and guide dedicated and aspiring professionals with some of the intel and experience I have gained throughout my career.

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  • Sarah Mundy

    I have already done so much in the name of sport and yet I feel that there is so much more that I want to achieve as growth is needed for continuous success and happiness. While my CV and credentials attest to my professional qualifications, I have many additional personal experiences that support my knowledge and expertise. I have global working experience and understand the nuances of dealing and working across different cultures, time zones and markets. I am passionate about sports and have been intricately involved in the industry for over 19 years having worked with team sports, individual athletes, and the sports retail and wholesale space.

    My passion for running has seen me recently complete the World Marathon Majors as well as 3 x finisher of the Comrades Marathon (Ultra Marathon). I have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and am looking forward to heading to Base Camp Everest in 2018. My passion for travel has taken me to see the Silver Back Gorilla’s in Uganda and Rwanda to experiencing hiking to the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles USA.

    I am interested in helping individuals become the best version of themselves and always ensuring they play to their strengths. I am currently enrolled in a top leadership course to help me build on this. I really believe that positivity always wins! While we always will be faced with setbacks professionally and personally, it is how we deal with these that will set us apart from others. Execution is the ultimate driver for all our hopes and dreams and I hope I can encourage each person I come in touch with to always strive to level up. You are who you surround yourself with and I hope I can provide all the support, guidance and expertise based on my previous and current experience to ensure you can fulfill all your career and personal aspirations

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  • Shelly Horton

    Hi, I’m Shelly Horton.  I’m a journalist and in the past 25 years I’ve worked in all aspects of the media including TV, radio, print and online.

    I love being a mentor.  I have been a mentor to many over the past five years.

    I can help guide your career, coach you on how ask for a pay rise or tell you when it’s time to leave a dead-end job.

    I will happily praise your accomplishments but, be warned, I also provide tough love and constructive feedback.

    I will share the career tips I’ve picked up along the way and keep my ear to the ground for new opportunities that might suit you.

    Basically, I will be your biggest cheerleader.


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  • Tod Lautenberg

    I can help Mentor Screenplay Writing, Directing , Film Editing, and Production.

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  • Tony Wall

    Fitness coach – weight loss, gain muscle or strength, learn capoeira or gymnastics.

    Management consultant/marketing expert – for small businesses

    Coaching and guidance along with practical advice you can implement.

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