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ANTHONY, Lagos, Nigeria

Sales Manager
Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc
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Amitendu Palit

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

Trade, Development, Political Economy and Policy Studies Expert
Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore
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John Flores

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States (US)

Novelist, Biographer & Journalist
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Sean Heilman

Zelienople, Pennsylvania, United States (US)

Tax Auditor II & Former Journalist & Editor
Florida Department of Revenue
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Shelly Horton

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Journalist and Founder
ShellShocked Media
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    ANTHONY, Lagos, Nigeria
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  • Amitendu Palit

    Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

    Dr Amitendu Palit is Senior Research Fellow and Research Lead (Trade and Economic Policy) at the Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS) in the National University of Singapore. He is an economist specializing in international trade, political economy and comparative economic studies. He was earlier an Adviser in India’s Ministry of Finance. He’s a columnist for India’s Financial Express, contributor for China Daily, and an expert commentator for Channel News Asia, Bloomberg, BBC and CNBC. He combines academic expertise with long experience of public policy practice and extensive exposure to media. He is one of the topmost experts in combining economic, political and strategic understanding of the region and India.

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  • John Flores

    Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States (US)

    I am a resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and have lived here since 2005, and have been married to a woman for 18 years. We do not have children, but have a great German Shepherd boy. I love the mountains, and activities like camping, fishing, shooting targets and clay pigeons, and working on a ranch–especially am good at horse riding, and horse care. I like action, and am proficient in boxing, basketball, baseball, football, and a few other things.

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  • Ky Chow

    Bondi Junction, New South Wales, Australia
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  • Lisa New

    Karana Downs, Queensland, Australia
    I work with Technology Leaders and Individual, Group, Organisational and Governance Collaborators to solve global, local and individual problems in an ethical and just manner, with the support of the safe use of Smart AI, in a Web 4.0 Environment.
    The Thinking Web aims to act as an inter-operable Global Knowledge Graph with a secure Blockchain Backend in a Web 4.0 Environment for tempero-spacial-event-interpretation to collaboratively and with a minimisation of miscommunication, bias and prejudice reason about interconnected data and entities and its relationships. 
    Collaborators are enabled by a user-friendly Hierarchical Primitive Upper Ontology which is a Formal Language with associated Linguistic, Cognitive and Deep Learning Machine Learning Optimisation Algorithmic capacities, capable of supporting collaborators to optimally integrate, clean, quality assure and enhance Big Data to become quality knowledge to support collective wisdom creation, real-world decision support and application, and continuous improvement of one-stop-shop of inter-connected 'best practice' strategies, standards, protocols, resources, services, models, etc. for optimal problem solutions, as a transparent scientific, ethical and just consensus development process for accelerated innovation in a constructive process for the achievement of human rights and planetary sustainability. 
    In this approach collaborators are able to be rewarded and invested in in a fair and transparent manner for their input, as individuals, groups and institutions, scaled towards a majority consensus about 'good' skills, expertise, innovations, services, products, etc. The interconnected wisdom of the Platform with dynamic streaming and Safe AI use is expected to attract fees for licences, applications and services for local tailored utilisation to outsource high cost ineffective and inefficient internal communication, financial, research and development, organisational risk and resource management and marketing management systems for integration with state of the art AI decision support technology and access to tailored Global Wisdom. 
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  • Patrick Kennedy

    Navan, Meath, Republic of Ireland

    Pat is an experienced and award winning Executive and Career Coach specializing in the different areas where coaching can be a powerful tool to improve someone’s professional experience: Career, Leadership, Business and Performance.

    Winner of Coach of the Year and Business Coach of the Year ICF (International Coach Federation) Ireland among other awards.

    His personal philosophy: “I love working with organisations and people who want to push out their self-imposed boundaries to achieve more for themselves and their organisations leading to happier, more fulfilling, more challenging and rewarding careers and lives”. His coaching style is to give space to ‘press the pause button’ to see more clearly the current challenges and the opportunities. The coachees get the chance to step back and reflect on what is really important and, even more importantly, what they want to do about it, and to get clarity about the destination and the routes to get there. Pat provides the positive support with challenge, where appropriate, to help people reach this destination in a timely manner. He finds it is interesting to observe people achieve much more than they initially thought possible.

    Pat’s coach training includes an Advanced Management Diploma in Business & Executive Coaching (Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School) and a Diploma in Coaching (Coaching Development UK). His educational background includes a Marketing Degree (MMII Grad) from the Marketing Institute of Ireland, a Certificate in Training & Continuing Education from the National University of Ireland, a People Skills for Managers course and a Core Skills of Management course he completed at the Irish Management Institute.

    Pat holds a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential by ICF (International Coach Federation).

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  • Sean Heilman

    Zelienople, Pennsylvania, United States (US)

    I am a tax auditor with the Florida Department of Revenue.

    I have made a successful career transition into accounting after 25 years of experience in journalism, as a reporter and copy editor.

    I can help anyone entering the accounting field, either out of college, or embarking on the scary idea of making a career change.

    I can help mentor those trying to make it in journalism.

    I can also help give advice to anyone going through a career change, or those thinking about making the leap.

    I am also a soccer referee, officiating USSF youth and adult matches, college and high school. I can help with advice in learning how to advance in this side activity, dealing with the mental aspect of refereeing, or keeping fit for higher-level matches.

    I am generally available evenings (U.S. Eastern time) and weekends.

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  • Shelly Horton

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    Hi, I’m Shelly Horton.  I’m a journalist and in the past 25 years I’ve worked in all aspects of the media including TV, radio, print and online.

    I love being a mentor.  I have been a mentor to many over the past five years.

    I can help guide your career, coach you on how ask for a pay rise or tell you when it’s time to leave a dead-end job.

    I will happily praise your accomplishments but, be warned, I also provide tough love and constructive feedback.

    I will share the career tips I’ve picked up along the way and keep my ear to the ground for new opportunities that might suit you.

    Basically, I will be your biggest cheerleader.


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