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Adam Pettingill

Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia

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ahmed ammar

cairo, Al Qahirah, Egypt

Air Traffic Control Instructor, Examiner and Supervisor
National Air Navigation Services Company
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  • Adam Pettingill

    Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia

    Become the hunter in sales and marketing, not the hunted!

    Learn to have the right mindset in everything you do!

    Go for the high ticket item “top tier” all in its the only way to succeed

    Our biggest enemy is ourself, learn how to overcome these fears.

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  • ahmed ammar

    cairo, Al Qahirah, Egypt
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  • Ameer Khan

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    Project Management Professional (PMP) – 5 days Mentoring

    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – 5 Days Mentoring

    ITIL Foundation – 5 Days Mentoring


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  • Angella Ndaka

    Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya

    I am a refined Policy analyst who is also interested on matters of women, girls and youth. I am a great mobilizer and a true change agent. I look forward to mentoring someone through their ventures.

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  • antoine gardner

    cerf island, Mont Fleuri, Seychelles

    a seeker of perfection (quality) truth, looking for the best & good side of things,
    want things to blend in with the environment & historic values.
    always interested in a higher valuation to mental education & an eco future

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  • Arjun Chokshi

    New York, New York, United States (US)

    Hello Mentees! Please read my bio above and connect! It will be a rewarding experience for both of us.

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  • Arlene Gunio

    Paranaque, Manila, Philippines
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  • Ashit Roy

    Vapi, Gujarat, India
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  • Ayorinde Aduroja

    OJOTA, Lagos, Nigeria

    Ayorinde is a certified trainer, active business consultant and a great family man. Willing to bring his wealth of experience to help Mentees achieve their life goals in key areas.

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  • Cameron Vanzetta

    Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

    For any committed professional, a broad but succinct knowledge of the strategic quality management field  is essential for the practical understanding of many project and company processes and success factors . With my extensive knowledge gained over 40 years in Oil and Gas companies and projects I can provide the key understanding needed, covering many areas, plus successful quality strategies I have implemented to manage projects and companies quality systems.

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  • Chris Nixon

    Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

    I provide business reliability consulting, business strategy execution consulting and Personal Life Coaching.  I am a regular guy, a humble empath; I really enjoy coaching others – specifically using a solution-focused approach, empowering others to enjoy the journey to personal excellence.  Having grown up on a farm, experienced 25 years of corporate field and office, front-line hands-on technical, back office technical support, management, training, consulting, coaching, married and raised 2 healthy boys to men; I am comfortable working with all aspects of life’s balance and am very comfortable working with male or female clients.  Let me help you to help you.

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  • Chris Pennisi

    Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia
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  • Christian Schild

    Ciputat, Banten, Indonesia

    Christian Schild is a talented and very skillful, especially in Food & Beverage Department and Catering, He has very wide experiences both in Indonesia, in Asia and Australia. He is also an excellent trainer for F & B Department, is a resourceful person especially in field of culinary and hotel management. He made many suggestions on the curriculum of the hotel school.

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  • Christophe Horvath

    Yangon, Yangon, Myanmar


    Christophe is an inspirational OD practitioner, facilitator, trainer and coach, specializing in supporting purposeful organizations in improving and transforming their leadership, teamwork, talent engagement, strategic planning and change. His mission is to help inspire, energize and empower his clients so they can be the best they can be for the world.

    As founder, MD and lead consultant of InSpirAll Greater Life Creation Ltd., he has served Change Agents and Social Entrepreneurs in Malawi, Zambia and further Southern Africa from 2008-16. Since August 2016 he has been based in Yangon, Myanmar


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  • Claude Brown

    Thibodaux, Louisiana, United States (US)

    -Open your KJV and become OBEDIENT, PRAY for REVELATIONS and UNDERSTANDING of GOD and it will become your “LIVING WORD OF GOD” 

    Experiences in many different industries and walks of life, I am a lover of life and sharing my experiences in my professional career and the stories of lessons learned along the way are truly a pleasure. I have a medical and legal research background with US ARMY military adventures that have things even more interesting. I have always been a leader and can absolutely help to lead younger less experienced Safety people in the right direction to have an awesome career and life experience.

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  • Craig Perrier

    Arlington, Virginia, United States (US)

    I am a thought leader and practitioner with over 20 years of experience in K-16 education. My leadership style is goal driven, creative, inspiring, and reflective. I successfully develop and network individuals and groups in a variety of settings and with a range of stakeholders. I believe in innovation, taking action, and lifelong development.

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