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Anita Fronis

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Self Employed
Real Property Signs
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Anthony Woodward

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Managing Partner
BP Woodward & Associates
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Kevin Byrne

Dasol, Pangasinan, Philippines

Founder | Owner/President | Founder
E-RICH GENERATION | KanoPrinting |
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  • Andrea Watson

    Denver, Colorado, United States (US)

    Currently, I work as the Product Manager for 2Win! Global. I am passionate about helping B2B sales and pre-sales professionals by developing a solution that improves their professional lives. I am ambitious, motivated by challenging roles, and quite versatile with a wide range of skills. I have an exemplary track record for unparalleled customer satisfaction combined with strong account managerial skills. Teamwork has always been one of my strong suits; I find collaboration and idea sharing to be very productive.  I have an agile and technical mindset for product design, product management, user adoption, pricing strategies, revenue growth, training and demonstrations.  Outside of the office, I am profoundly involved in the T1D community since 2007; participating in and leading many fundraising events in order to raise money to find a cure for Type One diabetes. I am a T1D since 2007.

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  • Anita Fronis

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

    Dear Potential Mentee,

    I would love the opportunity to mentor you.

    I am a full-time business owner and a mother of 2 school age children.

    I can assist you in all areas of business ownership, franchises, personal goal setting/organisation in business, life and wellness, just to name a few.

    Our lives can be so fast paced, so finding a healthy work/life balance that works for you, can be hard to achieve but with me as your mentor that haze that has been blurring your path for so long will be a thing of the past.

    With goal setting as key and an open mind – we will look at what has been holding you back, what you want to achieve and steps you can take to being the best version of yourself.


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  • Anthony Woodward

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    With over 30 years of accounting experience, including as a Managing Partner of a medium-to-mid tier firm, at a professional level I can provide guidance and advice on becoming an accountant, how to improve as an accountant and how to improve your accountancy practice.

    In addition with a considerable range of personal and professional experience, be it my own or from clients, family and friends I am able to assist you in to move forward and face your challenges that are with you today and in the future.


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  • Arjun Chokshi

    New York, New York, United States (US)

    Hello Mentees! Please read my bio above and connect! It will be a rewarding experience for both of us.

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  • Arlene Gunio

    Paranaque, Manila, Philippines
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  • Chris Nixon

    Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

    I provide business reliability consulting, business strategy execution consulting and Personal Life Coaching.  I am a regular guy, a humble empath; I really enjoy coaching others – specifically using a solution-focused approach, empowering others to enjoy the journey to personal excellence.  Having grown up on a farm, experienced 25 years of corporate field and office, front-line hands-on technical, back office technical support, management, training, consulting, coaching, married and raised 2 healthy boys to men; I am comfortable working with all aspects of life’s balance and am very comfortable working with male or female clients.  Let me help you to help you.

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  • Claude Brown

    Thibodaux, Louisiana, United States (US)

    -Open your KJV and become OBEDIENT, PRAY for REVELATIONS and UNDERSTANDING of GOD and it will become your “LIVING WORD OF GOD” 

    Experiences in many different industries and walks of life, I am a lover of life and sharing my experiences in my professional career and the stories of lessons learned along the way are truly a pleasure. I have a medical and legal research background with US ARMY military adventures that have things even more interesting. I have always been a leader and can absolutely help to lead younger less experienced Safety people in the right direction to have an awesome career and life experience.

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  • Ebru Gadis

    Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

    C-Suit Management Advisor and Board Member

    Executive with more than 20 years of experience in strategic management of IT services for high tech and international manufacturing corporations. Strong background in business alignment of information systems as well as service management with business strategy. Various experiences in merger and acquisitions (M&A).
    • Change Management
    • Project management & strategic planning
    • Business analysis
    • Enterprise applications and data management, systems integration management
    • IT infrastructure planning and management


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  • francine naceno

    biñan, Laguna, Philippines

    pharmacist. drug safety team lead. pharmacovigilance. workforce analyst. scheduler. forecaster. MIS analyst. capacity planner.

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  • Harvey Purse

    Hurstville, New South Wales, Australia

    I am an advocate/campaigner/organiser/project leader/networker with experience in the public sector, private sector, trade union and non-government sector.

    My passion is improving the treatment of workers and communities particularly where corporations operate in developing countries. Providing advice to improve and analyse supply chains and identifying opportunities within local communities.

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  • Jason Reeves

    Auckland, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

    An outcome focused individual with a pedigree of conducting business across multiple verticals throughout East Asia who is passionate about capability building and assisting people and entities to get “match fit” for the challenge. From market identification and selection through to developing in-market sales and operation competency, I provide an independant sounding board based on years of experience both positive and otherwise.  Biggest learning to date, irrespective in which environment you operate, EQ trumps IQ anyday.

    Believe education is a life long process and cherish the opportunity to engage with people and learn from the experience. I source inspiration by peoples capacity to learn.

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  • Jeremy McCauley

    Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States (US)

    If you are stuck and are looking for direction, I will be able to help.  I’ve counselled people on a personal and professional level for many years and am fortunate to have had success.  I’m more interested in your getting your strategy and direction in place than whatever fee is involved.

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  • Johan Pretorius

    Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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  • Jusuf Nathan

    Jakarta Barat, Indonesia

    As a professional certified business coach I has successfully helped numerous clients to grow their business and most imporantly to gain their time freedom making their business “Auto Pilot” by way of using a well proven systematic and practical framework .,

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  • Kevin Byrne

    Dasol, Pangasinan, Philippines

    40+ years of leadership, business, and Change Management experience.  Fortunate enough to have been exposed to some outstanding international experiences that have allowed me to travel and experience the world!

    Worked for some outstanding leaders/mentors and now own my own successful companies.

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  • Leon Malan

    Bryanston, Gauteng, South Africa

    I am a very relaxed, yet focused and intense person.

    I listen carefully and analyse a situation before making a decision on the situation,and what is required as a solution.

    I am available for discussion on many topics and enjoy a diverse conversation.

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