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Teresa Thurtle

Crestview, Florida, United States (US)

Leadership and Transformation Coach | Adjunct Professor
Transformational You | Gulf Coast State College
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Anita Fronis

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Self Employed
Real Property Signs
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Walter Odhiambo

Mombasa, Coast, Kenya

Multi Lab Manager
SGS Kenya Limited
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Poh S. Lim

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

Principal Consultant/Director
Minuteman Resources Pte. Ltd.
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  • Bilal Mumtaz

    Sharjah, Ash Shariqah (Sharjah), United Arab Emirates
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  • Lisa New

    Karana Downs, Queensland, Australia
    I work with Technology Leaders and Individual, Group, Organisational and Governance Collaborators to solve global, local and individual problems in an ethical and just manner, with the support of the safe use of Smart AI, in a Web 4.0 Environment.
    The Thinking Web aims to act as an inter-operable Global Knowledge Graph with a secure Blockchain Backend in a Web 4.0 Environment for tempero-spacial-event-interpretation to collaboratively and with a minimisation of miscommunication, bias and prejudice reason about interconnected data and entities and its relationships. 
    Collaborators are enabled by a user-friendly Hierarchical Primitive Upper Ontology which is a Formal Language with associated Linguistic, Cognitive and Deep Learning Machine Learning Optimisation Algorithmic capacities, capable of supporting collaborators to optimally integrate, clean, quality assure and enhance Big Data to become quality knowledge to support collective wisdom creation, real-world decision support and application, and continuous improvement of one-stop-shop of inter-connected 'best practice' strategies, standards, protocols, resources, services, models, etc. for optimal problem solutions, as a transparent scientific, ethical and just consensus development process for accelerated innovation in a constructive process for the achievement of human rights and planetary sustainability. 
    In this approach collaborators are able to be rewarded and invested in in a fair and transparent manner for their input, as individuals, groups and institutions, scaled towards a majority consensus about 'good' skills, expertise, innovations, services, products, etc. The interconnected wisdom of the Platform with dynamic streaming and Safe AI use is expected to attract fees for licences, applications and services for local tailored utilisation to outsource high cost ineffective and inefficient internal communication, financial, research and development, organisational risk and resource management and marketing management systems for integration with state of the art AI decision support technology and access to tailored Global Wisdom. 
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  • Teresa Thurtle

    Crestview, Florida, United States (US)

    I provide individualized support to assist leaders, managers, and individuals to develop their leadership skills, grow relationships, overcome challenges, and gain clarity to achieve their goals.

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  • Ebru Gadis

    Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

    C-Suit Management Advisor and Board Member

    Executive with more than 20 years of experience in strategic management of IT services for high tech and international manufacturing corporations. Strong background in business alignment of information systems as well as service management with business strategy. Various experiences in merger and acquisitions (M&A).
    • Change Management
    • Project management & strategic planning
    • Business analysis
    • Enterprise applications and data management, systems integration management
    • IT infrastructure planning and management


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  • Anita Fronis

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

    Dear Potential Mentee,

    I would love the opportunity to mentor you.

    I am a full-time business owner and a mother of 2 school age children.

    I can assist you in all areas of business ownership, franchises, personal goal setting/organisation in business, life and wellness, just to name a few.

    Our lives can be so fast paced, so finding a healthy work/life balance that works for you, can be hard to achieve but with me as your mentor that haze that has been blurring your path for so long will be a thing of the past.

    With goal setting as key and an open mind – we will look at what has been holding you back, what you want to achieve and steps you can take to being the best version of yourself.


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  • Mark Lutzke

    Boise, Idaho, United States (US)

    I have made some great decisions and my share of mistakes! It is the learning from our mistakes that moves you forward. You hear it all the time, “don’t be afraid to fail” and it’s true.

    Sometimes we learn too late to be kind and humble to everyone we meet. Get after these two qualities early on and make them second nature. Some amazing things happen when you learn to smile and not take yourself so seriously all the time!



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  • Lori McCorkle

    Henderson, Nevada, United States (US)

    As your Mentor, I will be able to assist you in the areas of or surrounding Business Administration and help you succeed in all of  your future goals and dreams in your life.

    As I recent graduate from Warner Pacifc College in Portland,Oregon with my Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with emphasis on Leadership and Management.I bring all my years of business wisdom to the table when you are my mentee.

    I have many years of experience in various different business organizations, such as in the health services, customer service, casino and small business industries.

    I have been employed with these different business organizations in various stages throughout my life and my wealth of knowledge in all of these industries is “Proceless.”

    I am a very self- disciplined,motivated,and positive individual and my energy is around this is “contagious,’ when I am surrounded by others.

    I am a extremely positive motivator who can help and assist you in achieving your future goals and dreams.

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  • Walter Odhiambo

    Mombasa, Coast, Kenya
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  • Muhammad Mikaal Saleem Anwar

    Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

    If you are an IT professional or aspire to be one, I can help you plan out career paths and work your way to your dream career.

    Currently I am working as a software engineer at The Resource Group (TRG), one of leading IT companies worldwide. Previously, I have had the privilege to be a part of CureMD, Microsoft and Facebook.

    I have worked on a variety of different platforms and technologies. Although hardcore development is my major domain, my skills are not restricted to it, rather I have quite some experience in marketing and blogging as well. Out of a vast array of available fields, my preference is developing and working on technologies that have a significant impact on human life and are continually reshaping our future. I aspire to be a part of the revolutionary advancements in the field of computer science in the near future to come.

    Through this platform I hope that I am able to give back to the community and help change lives for the better.

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  • Vuk Geric

    Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

    Human will is a very powerful force. It shapes our reality and determines our future. There is no problem that is too great for a determined person. However, there is usually more than one solution to a problem. Will, without patience, cool hard logic and adaptive skills would be noting more than a mere wish to act. Patience without the knowledge, sound reason and a will to act is nothing more than waiting for the things to happen. Not to mention that there are problems in life that are beyond our reach, or are simply unsolvable. It is up to us to decide whether we are going to learn something from such problems or not.

    We, the humans, are curious creatures. We want to learn, to grow. If you believe that you and I could do so together, know that I believe it too. I am not offering solutions to your problems, I am offering tools that will help you to find them by yourself.

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  • Johan Pretorius

    Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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  • Yogita Harishchandra

    Waitakere, New Zealand

    As a mentor I like to build on your strengths and work on your weak areas. It’s all about the mentee and their needs, confidence and assistance as required.


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  • Simon Nyairoh

    Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya

    I aim to leave my mentees with a clear purpose of life. We grow together and you realize your dreams professionally and socially. There is hope in every case.

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  • Poh S. Lim

    Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

    Business consultant with a wealth of knowledge to share.

    My tagline:


        Impart Insight 

        Inspire Action 


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  • Jason Reeves

    Auckland, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

    An outcome focused individual with a pedigree of conducting business across multiple verticals throughout East Asia who is passionate about capability building and assisting people and entities to get “match fit” for the challenge. From market identification and selection through to developing in-market sales and operation competency, I provide an independant sounding board based on years of experience both positive and otherwise.  Biggest learning to date, irrespective in which environment you operate, EQ trumps IQ anyday.

    Believe education is a life long process and cherish the opportunity to engage with people and learn from the experience. I source inspiration by peoples capacity to learn.

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  • Harvey Purse

    Hurstville, New South Wales, Australia

    I am an advocate/campaigner/organiser/project leader/networker with experience in the public sector, private sector, trade union and non-government sector.

    My passion is improving the treatment of workers and communities particularly where corporations operate in developing countries. Providing advice to improve and analyse supply chains and identifying opportunities within local communities.

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