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Tommy Quitt

Ramat Hasharon, Tel Aviv, Israel

Mentor, Coacher, Trainer for managers who want to become better
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Ian Dickson

Fareham, Hampshire, United Kingdom (UK)

International Motivational Speaker and Multi Award Winning Business Coach
Unlock Success Limited
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  • Tommy Quitt

    Ramat Hasharon, Tel Aviv, Israel

    – A multidisciplinary innovative leader with 20+ years of management, technical and business experience.
    – A coach and mentor to hundreds of managers around the world
    – A speaker in international conferences about Software management, Agile and DevOps
    – Solid background as R&D manager of large-scale integrated systems (mainly big data and Telecom)
    – Proven record of successfully building and managing multilingual P&Ls, sales teams, developers, and project managers always meeting and exceeding targets.
    – Results-oriented product and business professional with comprehensive strategic planning and product management skills. Taking companies into new markets and products.
    – Graduate of the CTI co-active coaching program

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  • Ian Dickson

    Fareham, Hampshire, United Kingdom (UK)


    I have coached 100’s of businesses since 2004. It is honestly as much a passion today as it was when I started. Once I realised 121 coaching was my calling I invested heavily in my own personal development by taking diplomas in NLP and coaching. I knew I needed to be the best person I could possibly be to effectively unlock my own knowledge & experiences & also to best help others. The other great (secret) benefit for me when I coach is that the learning never ever stops.


    It is always a humbling experience and a true privilege to be given the opportunity to share my thoughts, experiences, ideas and messages to large groups of people from stages around the world. Part of my life’s mission is to support, serve and help as many people as I can. This is why you are always guaranteed relevant, positive, interesting and most importantly, fun content from me as a speaker.


    Once I understood the true value of time and more importantly, how to spend or invest it, my life changed completely. I now work hard at being the best husband, brother, father, and friend I can be every single day. Over the last few years I have had the added bonus of becoming a grandad too. As an international speaker and coach, I genuinely thought I had already stumbled upon the best job in the world; But actually, I was mistaken, being a grandad is a truly wonderful addition to my job titles.

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