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Dr. Deepak Raj Paudel

Khairenitar, Gandaki, Nepal

Pediatrician & Senior Lecturer
Lumbini Medical College
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Andrew Kotzander

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Group QA/RA Manager
Aaxis Pacific
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Sonali Agarwal

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

PMO Consultant
Seven Consulting
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  • Dr. Deepak Raj Paudel

    Khairenitar, Gandaki, Nepal

    Fathers and mothers who are very anxious about health, education, growth and development of their children

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  • Bill Latino

    Medford Lakes, New Jersey, United States (US)

    Long term approach to winning the customer for Life.

    Believe in truly adding value to any engagement.

    Love working with people and coaching to fulfill ambitions

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  • Cameron Vanzetta

    Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

    For any committed professional, a broad but succinct knowledge of the strategic quality management field  is essential for the practical understanding of many project and company processes and success factors . With my extensive knowledge gained over 40 years in Oil and Gas companies and projects I can provide the key understanding needed, covering many areas, plus successful quality strategies I have implemented to manage projects and companies quality systems.

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  • Maria Morgunova

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    I can share my professional experience and strategies that will work specifically in Canada. At the same time, I believe that creative process at all is universal for any country.

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  • Chris Miller

    London, Westminster, United Kingdom (UK)

    With 23 years of senior management roles in technology companies across the UK and all of EMEA, my experience covers all areas of Business Development associated with any software or IT services company.  I held Executive roles in large companies such as Dell (4 years) and CA Technologies (13 years).  I took on the CEO role of a privately held Managed Hosting company and achieved the exit for its shareholders to Private Equity.  For more details, see


    Are you a leader who wants to make a serious difference?

    I am focused on helping senior and aspiring leaders achieve significant improvements in personal impact and effectiveness. I believe that there are four key areas to focus on that together will enable you to expand your own perspectives, enable greater strategic clarity, better decision making, and more impactful execution: Active Understanding, Clear Goals, Personal Ownership, and Personal Brand Management.

    Active Understanding

    Moving into a new demanding role? Experiencing conflict in the workplace? Working hard yet it seems almost impossible to make any progress? Feel overwhelmed by the decisions you need to make? Lack confidence to change your strategy and go for growth? I start by understanding your personal situation and remain actively understanding throughout the mentoring engagement.

    Clear Goals

    A clear vision is built upon clear and actionable goals. I encourage a mix of small and large steps in order to achieve your full potential. Goal setting is an art, not a science. To achieve the biggest goals will require breaking them down into smaller parts. Throughout the mentoring engagement, clear goals are set, measured and reviewed during every mentoring session.

    Personal Ownership

    Mentoring empowers you to think strategically, and gives you the confidence to take control.  During each mentoring session, you have the space to work on understanding yourself, what you want, and what you might personally improve to be even more effective. Each session results in you creating and owning your personal action plan. Being mentored results in you doing the “heavy lifting,” and so personal ownership remains yours throughout the engagement.

    Personal Brand Management

    I can help you get on track and look good inside your business. I provide ideas and methods to reinforce your personal brand inside your company. In addition, I will regularly encourage you in different ways to improve your personal brand externally too – including techniques through social media engagements, personal development opportunities, and broader active networking engagements that strengthen your personal brand.

    What people are saying about Mentoring with Chris Miller

    “As a first time CEO, the support is invaluable. My mentor understands the challenges that CEO’s face and provides wisdom based on his experience and knowledge. The relationship gives me a structure to deal with a myriad of things, and helps me deal with difficult situations more effectively.” Julie F, CEO, UK Charity 

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  • Chris Nixon

    Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

    I provide business reliability consulting, business strategy execution consulting and Personal Life Coaching.  I am a regular guy, a humble empath; I really enjoy coaching others – specifically using a solution-focused approach, empowering others to enjoy the journey to personal excellence.  Having grown up on a farm, experienced 25 years of corporate field and office, front-line hands-on technical, back office technical support, management, training, consulting, coaching, married and raised 2 healthy boys to men; I am comfortable working with all aspects of life’s balance and am very comfortable working with male or female clients.  Let me help you to help you.

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  • Toni Teh

    Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

    If you are looking to set up your own Start-Up, I am able to provide guidance from product conceptualization to Product Marketing and Product Launch. It is not about developing an app, there is a lot more going behind to get the Start-Up going. Access to key resources that are required to get the company going from accounts, legal, IT and much more. Get access to my mentorship to guarantee your success in your Start-Up.

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  • Dr. Miriam Reiss

    Los Angeles, California, United States (US)

    Longtime, Master Certified Coach (MCC level, certified by the International Coach Federation). Has worked with clients representing Boeing, Microsoft, the Peace Corps and many more. Private practice clients have ranged from financial planners to entertainment industry professionals and personal chefs.


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  • Gabriel Ascanio

    San Francisco, California, United States (US)

    I am an Interaction Designer with a background in Architecture and Urbanism. If you are looking to transition from one field to another I am more than happy to share with you how I did it. I have learned that what you study isn’t necessarily what you will end up doing and often it is the sum of your experiences which will dictate what you are most passionate about and what you should be doing.

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    PARKWEST DUBLIN 12, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

    I would like to mentor screenwriters at the beginning of their careers in the art and business of writing and bringing film and TV scripts to market.

    I have been a film and television writer for ten years and a script consultant for five years. I run a script-development consultancy, offering critiquing, editing and proof-reading to feature, short-film and Television writers. I have worked with over thirty writers on over three hundred script and treatments. I also have taught screenwriting in colleges around Dublin and 1-to-1 to individual student.

    Mentoring sessions are 30 minutes long and introduce the principle elements of writing and selling screenplays.

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  • Andrew Kotzander

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    25 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry

    15 years in Manufacturing and 10 years in a Commercial Sales and Marketing environment.

    Held Senior roles across pharmaceutical and medical device operations- QA, QC, Technical NPD, Strategic Supply, SAP Power Users (MM/WM) , Distribution, Afternoon Shift Operations Leader, Regulatory Process Improvement, SAP System Validation and Roll out, Gatekeeper for Product Quality and Safety Committee

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  • Sonali Agarwal

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    EsAye Consulting is a Sydney based consultancy, offering one-on-one mentoring to individuals.

    It was set-up in 2017 by Sonali Agarwal, who is also the lead consultant and holds an IT graduate degree along with Project Management certifications. During her 13 years of professional career, Sonali has worked in some complex and multicultural environments. She started her career in 2004 with an Indian ISP and went on to work with some renowned multinational organisations like British Telecom & Nokia Networks. After spending 09 years in the telecom industry working in India, Sonali relocated to Australia in 2013. Since then, she has worked in a variety of industries like financial services, retail sector and IT.

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