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Ella Wylynko

perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Vinod Menon

THANE WEST, Maharashtra, India

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Tony Rhoton

Af, Utah, United States (US)

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Eric Sereti

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Youth Worker
Hope Mission
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Luis Francisco

Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal

Tourism Advisor | Lecturer
Portugal Tourism Board Schools of Hospitality and Tourism
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Tim Eburne

Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa

Freelance Facilitator / Coach / Trainer / Mentor
Tim Eburne
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  • Ella Wylynko

    perth, Western Australia, Australia


    I have some mentorship and tutoring for High School students to offer! I am enthusiastic, motivated, social and energetic!

    HOT TOP TIPS and more (for those living on a student budget i’m very affordable!)

    Can cover: music, sport, academics, time management, arts, subject selection, workloads, school drama etc!

    • how to be the most efficient and productive
    • how to remain relatively stress free
    • How to balance and do everything
    • How to take the most of every opportunity
    • How to stay motivated
    • subjects: biology, psychology, textiles, philosophy and literature
    • Help motivate, inspire and encourage!
    • Most importantly guiding you to problem solve and think critically about your own life and how to make it work best for you!

    From someone who had a social life, slept and survived (and arguably thrived) in High School!

    Was awarded:

    – Caltex Best All Rounder

    – Academic Excellence x 2

    – Finalist for WA Youth of the year

    – Run a small organisation 2016 –

    – A part of many committees

    – Did 300+ hours of volunteering in 3 years

    – Lions award winner

    – Still went to parties/ held events/ hung out at the beach

    – Creativity and Innovation award

    I am available at very flexible times and hours! Whether you live in outside or inside Australia means whether or not it has to be online (/ over the phone) or in person!

    xx Ella

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  • Vinod Menon

    THANE WEST, Maharashtra, India

    An effective mentor for you on all facets of your career…

    Business Consulting

    Sales & Marketing

    Bespoke Business plans, Softskills, Resumes, interviews , planning etc.

    A one point solution to groom your career.

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  • Tony Rhoton

    Af, Utah, United States (US)

    I want to help women Gain Confidence, Increase Their Self-Esteem and Live an Empowered Life while discovering their value and purpose.

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  • Marc J Wagner

    Naples, Florida, United States (US)

    I am dedicated to your success! We will do this together! You are not alone in this anymore!

    Let’s do it!!

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  • Georgina Raffle

    Calverton, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom (UK)

    Having my own Personal Careers Advice & Guidance Service has given me extensive knowledge in how to help people with their career planning, to include any necessary education, and helping people to create their own action plans to help them achieve.  I have done this for 7 years, which I believe is a lot of experience and makes me fully capable and prepared to help others in finding and achieving their own success.

    However, all of my work over the last 16 years has incorporated working with people in a holistic way.  Meaning that I look at the whole person and all participating factors, rather than just the perceived factor/issue.

    Life is about more than just a job, hobby or a qualification.  Therefore looking at everything people have to deal with in their lives, gives them a better chance of making their own success stories.

    I have worked with a wide range of individuals, not only in age range ( children, young people, adults and grandparents) to people from more affluent areas, to those from more deprived areas and backgrounds.  Making it very easy for me to adapt to different people and the areas of work needed to provide them with an excellent service.

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  • Paul Taylor

    Essex, Essex, United Kingdom (UK)

    Hello my name is a Paul Taylor and over the past 30 years I have worked in a number of different areas (such as change management, operational management, and career development) across many industries (such as financial services, oil/gas, freelancing, charity and professional bodies).

    I love being a mentor and helping people to fulfill their potential.  I have mentored several people over the past four years (covering areas such as CV writing, going freelance, start-ups, change management, knowing when to leave a job plus many many other areas).

    Therefore I will be able to use my years of experience to overcome the challenges, issues, obstacles, etc that you are encountering.

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  • John Broadbent

    Terrey Hills, New South Wales, Australia

    If you have this feeling of not living up to your potential and are looking for someone to guide, coach and mentor you to realise more of your potential, I’m a patient, intuitive and no-bullshit Elder who’s trodden his own path of self-discovery since 1991.

    I’ve also been mentored so I understand the value and importance of having somone to objectively guide and support you, to expand your sense of self so you can grow as a person.

    If you’re going to leave ‘Base Camp’ and climb your own internal Everest, best to have someone on your team who’s climbed the summit and lived to guide others willing to do the same.

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  • Eric Sereti

    Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
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  • David Hearst

    Kingston, Ontario, Canada

         I’m just a normal hard working person, retired now, who enjoys discussing life in general no matter background or anything else. I’m honest, a good listener and know I provide support and help in learning and acquiring a positive approach to life around us. Achieve your dreams whatever that may be, no matter whether at the top or as high as you can take your goals. Be happy and positive. Above all else, gain knowledge outside your normal spheres of interest. Enjoy and have a fun experience.

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  • Vishnu Doerga

    Georgetown, Demerara-Mahaica, Guyana

    My speciality is in discovering and clarifying strategies for growth quickly and effectively. My family has been in diverse businesses for over 110 years giving me direct access to business thinking from childhood. I have used this to my own benefit and the to the benefit of thousands of individuals and organizations. I would love to use my talents to serve you.

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  • Luis Francisco

    Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal

    My name is Luis Francisco and I am from Portugal, one of the most awarded Tourism destinations in the world. I am 54 years old and live in Lisbon.

    My main objective is to help people who want to get into the Tourism industry or to improve their knowledge.
    I’m more than happy to share my 36 years of working experience in the industry plus the fact that I currently mentor students at Schools of Portugal Tourism Board and the pleasure I have doing it, qualifies me to help people in achieving their goals.
    I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently. Besides some French.

    I am an enthusiast Management professional with effective knowledge and wide experience in several sectors within the tourism industry as tourism boards and tourism offices (country promotion), airlines, GDS (travel e-distribution), tour operators and hotels.

    Deep knowledge of Tourism industry with a 360º view, its trends and value drivers.

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  • Liz Benson

    INGLEWOOD, Western Australia, Australia

    I have had many years experience as a senior teacher/trainer over and above having extensive experience as an executive coach and mentor for emerging managers and leaders. I have over 35 years business and management experience in the private, public and not for profit sectors.  My expertise is in strategic and operational planning, training, coaching, financial management, audit, business administration, governance and risk management, corporate services, and analytical skills have helped to ensure business success for many organisations and numerous individuals.

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  • dhiraj sareen

    Panaji, Goa, India

    I am an experienced mentor and coach who can help with Organisational Design and Development, Leadership and Life Coaching, Business Process Continuity, Startup Mentoring, Creating a vision for an organisation, helping create business processes and enable strategic and internal business communications.

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  • Marta Grutka

    N/A, New South Wales, Australia

    Whether supporting capital markets development projects in sub-Saharan Africa at the World Bank, IFC; launching some of the earliest and most successful interactive programming and transmedia offerings in the world; or introducing the first nationwide 4G Wimax network in Malaysia, Marta’s unconventional, quick-start approach has helped to create positive disruption in diverse industries worldwide.

    As a career expat who has lived in seven major media and government centers across Asia Pacific, the U.S. and Western Europe, she has moved cities, countries, and continents in six weeks or less on multiple occasions. After receiving a Master’s in International Relations from Boston University Brussels, and a B.A. in foreign languages and mass communications, she went on to live and work in some of the world’s leading business, media and political centers, including: Brussels, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, and Washington, DC.

    From 2005-2012, she was a founding Board Member of the Singapore chapter of Junior Achievement, the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students in workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Over the years, she has served as a mentor and volunteer for The Alliance for Women in Media (Los Angeles), The Singapore Council of Women’s Organization, Women in Media (Sydney) and Women’s Media Networks (Hong Kong & Singapore).

    I love mentoring:

    • C-level executives leading complex global initiatives and/or starting a new venture in foreign markets;
    • New CMOs with international or regional scope;
    • Women expat executives/professionals;
    • “Millennial” women struggling to balance work and life;
    • New or aspiring communications and marketing professionals; and
    • Small business owners/entrepreneurs.


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  • Tim Eburne

    Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa
    Building My Brand To Make An Impact

    Everybody desires to make an impact; to make their mark in the world. You don’t need to change the rules to do that – it’s about creating your own rules that allow you to connect through the noise; the politics, the competition, the veneer.

    We all find a sense of comfort and confidence through a combination of 3 things:

    • Presence (how we look, our dress, body language, our demeanor)

    • Authority (what we know – our knowledge within our areas of expertise)

    • Impact (being memorable, truly connecting, touching, moving)

    Sadly, most of us limit ourselves to the arenas of presence and authority.

    Understanding who we truly are; what we value, our inherent personal strengths and how others experience us creates a fundamental shift in how we are able to make a greater impact  in the lives of others.

    Begin your journey and uncover things about yourself that have been locked inside you, just waiting for the right moment to burst out and allow you the confidence to make a real impact –  discover your “gift”  –  are you ready?

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  • Nelson B Smith II

    60156, Illinois, United States (US)

    I am a father, dreamer, writer, activist and professional. I have been blessed to sell more than 1 million albums worldwide. My music and clients have been nominated for multiple awards including Grammy, Stellar and Dove. As a manager and leader to more than 1200 people over my career, there are few accomplishments more satisfying than seeing someone achieve success and self belief. I believe in this life of aspiration towards the intangible there is no box. I wont waste anyone’s time who does not believe in the power of their purpose.

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