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Brian Weaver

Elma, New York, United States (US)

Vice President - Sales
NSA Computer Exchange Group
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Duncan Thomson

Strathmore, Victoria, Australia

Parts, Accessories & Clothing Manager
Triumph Motorcycles Australia
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  • Amy Vu

    Auckland, Rodney, New Zealand

    Hi guys

    My name is Amy Vu. I am a Vietnamese but currently live and work in New Zealand. I have more than 12 years experience in marketing, Trade marketing, sales and media in many top FMCG companies including Unilever, WPP,  Reckitt Benckizer, Asaleo Care. My experience was in Asian market, Australia and New Zealand markets. I have gone through many challenges in my life and career. therefore, I am very enthusiastic to have other people to overcome their challenges and to be successful.

    My key focus is  looking in your strengths and advice how you can apply them to go through challenges and achieve your goals.  I can help you with your marketing strategy, product launch, media and also your personal goal setting and how to do well in a new country, new role, new company.

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  • Arlene Gunio

    Paranaque, Manila, Philippines
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  • Barbra McKay

    Double Bay, New South Wales, Australia

    I’ve been lucky enough to work in the Australian TV industry for over 15 years now and worked in a range of various sectors and roles within in it.

    I’d love to be your Mentor and share my career tips to help you reach your own career goals.

    I can offer advice on setting and re-evaluating professional goals, changing industries and the steps you need to take to get into the industry.

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  • Bilal Mumtaz

    Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
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  • Brian Weaver

    Elma, New York, United States (US)

    With over 20 years in IT Sales & strategy, I have specific expertise in successfully growing cloud & Managed Services. I can aid on strategy, vetting offerings, communicating value, pricing and growing recurring revenue models.

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  • Colin Smith

    South Yarra, Victoria, Australia

    I enjoy working with people who want to get the very best out of themselves. I am a discoverer so can take you places you may not have considered. I’ve been there so can take away or demystify some of your road blocks. If you succeed I will be fulfilled and this is my key personal objective in mentoring.

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  • David Huijbers

    Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Thailand

    Me: calm, understanding, listening, curious, finding your leading motive, going in depth, serious, focussed. Setting goals, overcoming fears.

    Important: family relations, experiences, relationships, career. Dreams and having them come out.

    I’ve coached managers and students and helped them further in their path to their ideal situation or even dreams. In retail business, sales, hospitality, elderly care and many others.

    I moved from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to Bangkok with my partner to continue my training and coaching career here.

    The intake is around 30 minutes and is free of charge. I will be working with Skype, FaceTime or other visual contact techniques.

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  • David Price

    WEMBLEY DOWNS, Western Australia, Australia

    I am a 53 year old married man with 4 adult children, living in Perth, Western Australia.

    I qualified as a secondary school teacher in the 1980’s and after a few years of teaching, I decided I wanted to enter the world of business.

    I have been the owner of a small advertising business and a marketing business for over 20 years. During that time, my businesses have grown and provided me with a good living and a great work/life balance.

    I have gained skills in all forms of business management and leadership, in new business development, sales, networking, HR, finance and accounting, as well as graphic design skills, creative concpetualising, and business planning, marketing strategy and campaign execution.

    In 2017 I sold my business and have taken a break from business. My heart lies in helping others to succeed. To that effect I have recently undertaken University study in Adult Counselling. So my skill set is business mentorship coupled with life experience, and helping others with personal crises and mental health issues.

    My LinkedIn profile is

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  • Duncan Thomson

    Strathmore, Victoria, Australia
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  • Eric Hentschel

    Pickering, Ontario, Canada

    I was diagnosed with cancer on December 24, 2015; 3 days later I had surgery to remove the tumor. After finding another tumor and telling me that it would take at least 5 years to remove the cancer, I beat it in 6 months!

    Having a new lease on life, I began to take it by the horns. I began striving to master Japanese and the martial art Jodo. Maintaining skillsets became a must. Dressing as best as possible became a must. I began to take every second with consideration. Psychology is the most useful subject I have encountered thus far and I find it invigorating to understand my own mind let alone someone else!

    Looking forward to teaching you how to use your emotions in a beneficial and manageable manner. Using your time effectively and understand that marketing is everywhere and what you can do with it!

    Eric Hentschel


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  • Fernanda Castro

    Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

    After living 13 years abroad and having experience multicultural environments, I decided Coaching and Mentoring my professional and I am passionate about helping people find out their capabilities, their talents, their best behavior to get throughout the goals they desire.

    I’ve coached, mentored and trained more then a hundred people in Brazil since 2015.

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  • Gerald Richards

    Karrinyup, Western Australia, Australia

    If you are looking for the theory, then may I suggest you read the books or attend classes. My approach is very much a practical one to assist you to address and solve business-related issues in the minimum of time. My passion is not only the sharing of knowledge but ensuring you have the skills to implement your desired actions for beneficial outcomes. If you don’t have a goal, you’ll find it difficult to score. And don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out of it alive. So make sure you have fun along the way. Business is simple; it’s just not easy.

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  • Hariharan ( Harry ) Subramanian ( Subu)

    Auckland, Akaroa, New Zealand
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  • Ilias Pitsilis

    Katerini, Pieria, Greece

    Profound knowledge in the whole Professional Hair Care Products Industry

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    ABUJA, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
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  • Jane Metcalf

    Bullcreek, Western Australia, Australia

    I am a passionate and energetic person who loves to help people and see other people succeed. I thrive on giving my all to any project and enjoy the journey as much as the end result. I like being challenged with new projects and watching my hard work unfold. I have excellent time management and organization skills, I am a positive person and accept any road blocks or hiccups as a test and something to overcome. I have had much life experience, some brilliantly unforgettable  and some so traumatic I wonder how I got through, but I did and here I am, still alive and kicking, my sense of humour still intact and ready for anything else life chooses to throw at me.

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