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  • Angela Hucker

    Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

    I am passionate about helping people overcome whatever life issues they may be experiencing; I am a compassionate and caring sounding board for you; I’ll help you discover the underlying greatness you may have inside you; I’ll help show you how to embrace the shitty situations life may throw at you and how to come out the otherside with strength, courage, fortitude and a smile.

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  • John Broadbent

    Terrey Hills, New South Wales, Australia

    If you have this feeling of not living up to your potential and are looking for someone to guide, coach and mentor you to realise more of your potential, I’m a patient, intuitive and no-bullshit Elder who’s trodden his own path of self-discovery since 1991.

    I’ve also been mentored so I understand the value and importance of having somone to objectively guide and support you, to expand your sense of self so you can grow as a person.

    If you’re going to leave ‘Base Camp’ and climb your own internal Everest, best to have someone on your team who’s climbed the summit and lived to guide others willing to do the same.

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  • Yu Yu Kyaw

    Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

    Expertise in all functions of Project Life Cycle from Initiation, Planning, Execution until Transition and Closure ensuring projects are delivered on time, on budget and quality based delivery for clients in diverse industries, including Government, Banking & Financial, Telecommunication, Media Communication, Manufacturing, Travel & Transportation

    • Leadership – Empowering as a team lead and mentor; consistently challenging staff to strive for excellence and promotion of positive environment
    • Strong People Development & Management through coaching & mentoring, consensus building and competence development
    • Capable S.W.A.T Team Member in rescuing high profile and business-critical projects in crisis and failing projects with strong communication and problem solving skills and stakeholder management
    • Country champion in implementing project delivery methodologies & best practices and coaching the project delivery teams to ensure adherence to project management methodology practices.
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  • Leonor Loureiro

    Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal

    I can help in conversation (specially if you are not an English or Portuguese native and want some training). If you are a student, I can help you in organizational studying, developing research skills and  writing ideas. I can also help with my personal experience in using essential oils to achive a better and positive life.

    And finally, You can also teach me something just by allowing me to know you! L.

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  • Lance Roth

    Windsor, West Berkshire, United Kingdom (UK)

    Experienced in team management and development, pharmacist tutor, retail store management, change management, customer service and communication.

    Vast knowledge across the field of health and wellbeing.


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