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Mentor Mondays – Sir Richard Branson

Benefits of having a mentor, Benefits of mentoring, Mentor Selector, MentorSelector, mentorship

Mentor Mondays Mentor Mondays is a great initiative by Virgin. It is a short clip released weekly that outlines the learnings of successful entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson. In the clip below, Sir Richard Branson outlines how he…


Benefits of mentoring, Mentor Selector, Mentoring, MentorSelector, mentorship

FAQs – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Are there any fees, charges or costs to join as a mentor or mentee? No. There are no fees, charges or costs to register as a mentor or mentee.   Am I…

5 Benefits of being a Mentor on MentorSelector

Benefits of mentoring, Mentor, Mentoring, MentorSelector

Sometimes all what someone needs is a little help and sometimes you are the right person to do so but you don’t really know how to offer your help to the ones in need. If you are the…